Friday, July 09, 2004

21.The art of sleeping

I do not sleep for long hours. My mom says that i never used to sleep when i was a baby.But I have this habit of sleeping in places where no one will ever dream of sleeping. A few places where you can find me sleeping are listed below...

1) The loo.
Unless and until you peep through the key hole you cannot see me sleeping in the loo. Even I have not seen myself sleeping in the loo.

2) Class exams.
I had this great habit of snoring to Glory as soon as the question papers were distributed.

3) Church.
I am not alone in this case. I have more company for this one. No one can beat me and my dad in this anyways. We can sit and sleep in the church benches.

4) While riding the bike.
If only my bike had a mouth to cry... I have slept on three occassions while riding my bike.

5) while sleeping.
No one in this world has ever done this. But I recently acquired this skill of sleeping in my own sleep.

6)While eating.
I was not born with a silver spoon. But you can often see me sleeping with a spoon stuck out of my mouth

7) In the shower.
I even got drowned in my bathtub once. But for that dreadly dream that woke me up, I would not be typing this piece of crap now

8)Talking on the phone.
I paid a five digit phone bill because I slept on five different occassions when I made outgoing calls from my mobile. ( I salute the great souls who were listening to my snoring tunes for hours at a stretch.)

9) Dating
One among the many silly reasons that my ex-girlfriends listed down when they left me.

I am sleeping even now. Do you have any doubt? Then check this picture.


  1. i think u really need some sleep coz u cant seem to differentiate btw whether ur sleepin or sleep actin or dreamin in ur sleep tht ur actually sleepin but in reality it is a fact that u are only sleepin... :P

  2. are you ok dhanya? did you go out and play in the sun!?

  3. i dint go out in de sun macha.. i just read ur blog.....[:P]

    tht was enuf to make my mind go bonkers!!!

  4. then keep reading ma.. cos you writer better comments in such a state...

  5. You sleep in the loo, cubicle, on the phone, while driving, ...alright...but what's sleeping while sleeping ?Din't u mean u dreamt like u were sleeping ?

  6. i don't think you never slept while riding a bike. if you would have done that than we would be living happily and not reading this blog!!!

  7. "you can often see me sleeping with a spoon stuck out of my mouth"
    Wondering the output if incase you happen to eat with your hand!!

  8. sandy: dun really know what i typed.. but i liked the way the sentence ended after i finished typing. so left it like that..

    santosh: hehe.. work is killing me these days.. Will be back to normalcy soon.

    Gomz: I never thought about that. I would not be having fingers to type this reply for ur comment in that case

  9. My favorite place to sleep is work...I'd be worried, but all the supervisors have slept there too.


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