Born in the early 1980s I find myself in the Gen-X civilization.I have a few young cousins who were born in the 1990s and they find themselves in Gen-Y or the Yo generation.My niece and nephew are post 2000 products and they find themselves in the Gen-z or the Zapster generation.

This post is again dedicated to my kids.My sister sent me a few photos of her children ( my nephew and niece) and a few snaps caught my attention.Here we Go!!!
Jolena is 75 days old and believe it or not, she crawls with her tummy. In my case, I took 8 months to move an inch. I was so lazy then. She has a big crib and she swims in her crib all the time. Looking back, I never had a crib. Infact I was made to sleep between my parents when I was an infant. She giggles a lot whenever My sister calls me over the phone. To converse with her, I also indulge in baby talk only to see my colleagues giving me a dirty look.

This is Jeremy. This is how he says his bedtime prayers. He has a comparatively smaller bed when compared to Jolena.
He prays for his winnie the pooh,mickeymouse,for his musical instruments and also his car before he hits bed. One thing that is common between me and him is that we both pee in bed.( I used to when I was a kid, and not anymore).
This picture is a true indication that he also likes to show off just like his maamaa(me). I first touched the keyboard when I was in class 6. This kid is not even three and he already plays the rhythm pads well. He now wants a mobile phone for himself it seems. Dunno what he is gonna do with that?
By the , readers!!!, Should I also post some snaps of me posing in
1) crawling pose
2) sleeping like my nephew
3)Playing the keyboard!
Wouldn't that be CUTE?... btw, what is the dictionary meaning for the word Cute?