Read Part-1 and Part-2 to understand this post better.

After the few chat conversations I had with Priya, I found that I was in love. I knew that this was pure love unlike the love I had for my childhood girlfriend,"Renu".

The love I had for Renu was due to the ever increasing competition from my nemesis,Shabir. Infact with Renu,I started loving the challenge more than Renu.

But this love that I developed for Priya would have passed Agmark/ISI/ISO/BS/CMM-5/HIV standards with ease.I developed a dream image of Priya in my mind. The dream image was a composite mixture of Jessica Alba,Salma Hayek,Penelope Cruz,Jennifer Aniston and Mandira Bedi.

June 30,2007:

I woke up very early in the morning ( 7.30 a.m.). Usually I wake up at 9 a.m. and reach office by 9.15 (my work timings are 8.30 a.m. -5.30 p.m.). But as I was head over heels in love with Priya ( I keep a high-heel slippers under my pillow when I dream about Priya),I woke up very early. For a change I brushed my teeth and switched on my Notepad. Soon I logged into my Yahoo messenger and I found her online.

Iamtheguyurdadwarneduabout: Hi Priya!
Priya: Hi chriz! Gd Mrnng
I: What a pleasant surprise. I logged into my yahoo messenger to have a business chat with my client and there you are ( 1st lie)
P: So you don't want to chat with me
I: No. The client can wait.
P: So sweet of you.
I: ( I was smiling now and I started my flirting Hits) How sweet?
P: I don't know how to tell.
I: What are you doing at this point of time? Waiting for your boyfriend?
P: I don't have a boyfriend. Infact you are the only guy I chat with ( A big lie)
I: Am I so special to you?
P: You are decent
I: That is flattering ( I was floored. First time in my life, someone was calling me Decent)
P: No. I dont have to flatter you. I just told what I felt.
I: When are you planning to get married?
P: As soon as I find a Guy.
I: You just said that I am the only Guy you chat with!So have you found your Mr. Right?

Silence for five minutes. My alter-ego said that I have done a major blunder. But just before I lost hope, I got a message from her.

P: sorry! I got DC.some problem with my system
I: Something wrong with your system? What food did you have last night?
P:Chi... dirty boy ( she didn't sense my innocence)
I: I am innocent
P: What did you say before my system crashed?
I: you didnot see that message?
P: I saw it . But I just wanted to know if you were serious
I: If you take me for a cartoon, leave it.
P: No. But we barely know each other. But I like you; but I can't commit now
I: I am totally confused with what you just said
P: I like someone who can take proper care of me
I: are you a child?
P: Thats not what I meant. what i meant was i expect my guy to be loyal to me
I: if you have any doubts. You can call my ex-girlfriend and confirm.(The story i created in my previous conversation)
P: You still think about her
I: Sometimes :-(
P: Don't worry. But promise me that You'd be loyal to me.
I: Do you doubt me? ( This is a emotional buster that Rajini uses on Mammooty in the Tamil movie, Thalapadhi)
P: I did not say that I doubt you. But I don't know about you much. Infact I havenot even seen you
I: So thats the problem? I'll send you a picture of mine today evening
P: That would be nice. By the by I will send you my picture after you send yours
( Little did she know that I have already seen her picture in her friend's orkut profile)
I: Do you like a guy with Mush?
P: Yikes.Chi. I hate moushtaches. Do you have one?
I: No. My cheeks are as soft as a newborn baby's bum ( But infact I had my dirty shabby look with my beard)
P: haha. By the by I'd prefer stubbles like what Brad pitt had in Mission Impossible 2
I: Ok. Then I'd take a picture of mine with my stubbles ( This girl doesn't know the difference between Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt)
P: i'll be expecting your snap this evening.
I: OK. then. time for me to go to work. Ill catch you tomorrow with your feedbacks on my snap.
P: Bye then. Miss me till then.
I: Sure. Tke care.

Immediately I went to the nearest saloon and ordered the guy to do a face massage,stubble shave,head massage and a facial bleach. He took three hours and completed the whole process. As a result I had a red colour mark on my left cheek. He told that the mark will disappear in no time. I paid him a four digit monetary value and headed home for the photoshoot.As soon as I reached home, I took my digicam and tuned it to auto-mode. Then I went and stood in front of the camera and gave a romantic look.
The Romantic look:
1) face the camera and flash the best possible smile
2)wink a little to add sensuality to the picture
3) wait a little so that the picture is saved in the camera.
After the romantic look posing was over , I went over and checked for the captured image of mine. I was speechless cos I was looking very HOT indeed. I knew that priya would fall in love with me after seeing the snap. I uploaded the snap in my notepad and sent it to her mail id.

Note: I havenot heard from her after that. I guess she might have found out that she doesnot have the slightest of chances to marry me.and this is the romantic photo that i sent her.

The end.