If you have not read the part-1 of this three part series; check it out here Part-1.

Part-2 Begins:

After my first online chat with Priya, I carried on with my work. After a couple of days when I logged into my yahoo messenger, I had a friend request from Priya. I was happy indeed.This is the first time in my life that a Girl is sending me a friend request. I did not give a second thought and I added her.

June 28,2007

As soon as i added her I found out that she was online.I wanted her to send a message to me so that I could continue chatting with her.But she too wanted me to start the conversation. I waited for almost an hour and finally I gave up and said a Hi. There was no reply. I waited for another five minutes and sent her another chat message" are you there". still no reply. After another fiteen minutes, she sent me a bye and logged out. I really did not know why she did such a thing. She added me, but still she did not want to chat with me. I had a troubled sleep that night.But believe me I did not wet my bed.

June 29,2007
I woke up very early and even before brushing my teeth, I ran to the computer and checked my yahoo messenger. I had a string of offline messages from priya. She said that she was sorry for her rude behaviour and that was because her nagging brother was near her. I left a sigh of relief which was accompanied by my bad breath. I sent her a "Its O.K" reply.

Immediately I got a reply back from her

Priya: Hi
Iamtheguyurdadwarneduabout: Are u thr?
P: yes.
I: always in chat?
P: as if you dont sit always
I: i just woke up
P: mmm. You came to check whether am online ?
I: No ( Though the answer was Yes)
P: Liar
I: When you know the answer , why do you ask that?
P: just like that. By the by Do you have a girlfriend?
I: yes.! i have three girlfriends in my life
P: who are they?
I: my mom, my sis and my niece
P: haha
I: does that sound like a joke?
P: yes. You are funny
I: Don't you have college?
P: i have. but am not going to college today.
P: study hols. have to study.btw what do you do?
I: I work for a living.
P: What do you work as?
I: a presenter and a business analyst
P: how much do u earn?
I: enuff money to buy food,clothes and pay my flat rent

She was not satisfied with the answer

P: What do you think about love?

Immediately i opened google and searched for love quotes and soon I had a few quotes. I selected one and sent to her

I: Looking back, I have this to regret. that too often when i loved, I did not say so
P: have any bad experience?
I: ( Should I create a love story that has a tragic end?) Yes!!!
P: can you tell that to me
I: Should i tell it now? I have not brushed my teeth yet and am hungry too..
P: Ok take ur own time . I wont force you.
I: Hahaha. here i start. it was two years ago........ blah blah blah
( I started a great love story. I was the Hero indeed. and in my story all the babes wanted me. Finally one girl became lucky and in the end she got married to someone else and I am very sad about the whole incident)
P: Sorry to hear that.
I: lets change the topic. tell me about urself.
P: blah blah blah
P: blah blah blah
P: blah blah blah
I: wow thats really good. By the way, I have to go to work. Ill catch you tomorrow. Nice chatting with you
P: nice chatting with you too.
I: bye
P: bye. take care pal

to be continued...