This is a very innocent post from a very innocent writer( ME)

My God Child "Jolena" and her Big brother," Jeremy" (My nephew) are about to sleep.

Jolena Annika is 75 days old. My mom is pampering her with her daily fun bath.

Jeremy will turn three this september and he is an amazing brother for little Jolena...

I was showing these three snaps to my lady colleague and she jumped up and down as if she had won a miss universe crown and she said," wow the kids are so cute"... Being very innocent, I thought of surpirsing my colleagues with another three fotos.

The next day, I took a snap of ME in the bathtub and sent it around as a forward to my colleagues. Half of them stopped talking to me. I was so dejected. Then I found the reason for their sudden change in behavior. They were actually expecting my other two pictures. But for the other two pictures I needed a partner to pose along. So I thought of approaching the same lady colleague for her help; and so I went to her and told about my plans. I even told her that I'd buy her a pink frock so that the originality of the picture is not lost. She did not utter a word. But she went away. I did not know why she never bothered to reply.

The next day morning,I had a beautiful mail from the SHPB(sexual harrassment prevention board). They had called for an immediate meeting. I was so happy that I was the only one invited for the meeting from the male community. So I immediately opened my laptop zipper and found my axe deo. I sprayed it all over me. Then I rushed to the men's room and Gel'd my hair and when I found that I was really looking HOT, I made my move to the meeting room. I walked into the meeting room with full confidence and when I entered the room, I found out that I was the only Guy there. All the girls wanted me. But before they could talk, I quickly started my talk," Look ! Ladies!!! I know that you can't resist me. But I value my culture a lot and I do not appreciate any sort of emotional attachment from anyone among you.Also as I am a goal oriented guy, I do not want to give any hope to anyone of you". I was happy that i made my point loud and clear.

Then they started talking and they continued talking for another one hour. I do not want to disclose what they said, cos If I disclose it,all theguys who read this would feel very jealous.But I just want to reveal only one thing. All these girls were truly, madly and deeply in love with me.