Tuesday, July 19, 2005

28. Online dating game - Part 1

I was first introduced to chatting using yahoo messenger when i was in class 12. It was the year 1999. I was amazed that I could create my own yahoo email id and my own chat name and I could even chat with people through net. I used to be a regular visitor of the Tamil chat room and I happened to make a good decent number of common-room chat friends. We talked about our everyday life,cracked jokes and sang songs in the community.The vices did not attack me then. One day this dirty friend of mine pulled me into dating chat rooms. Initially I was scared to see the quality of messages I used to receive from strangers. But Mr.X( my alter-ego) gave me enough strength and courage to reply to such quality messages and soon I was an expert in dating-community chat rooms. Days flew by and soon the online dating interest died and my interests were more focussed on writing,my family,friends and my job...

Late last month, I thought of reviving some old memories. So I entered Yahoo messenger's common chat room and targetted a victim.Her name was Priya ( I am not gonna reveal whether I changed her name or not. Keep guessing). Our chat conversation lasted a week. And sure it ended.This love affair of mine lasted for a whole week. It is one of the longest love affair I had in my life.(Btw, Can I call it a love affair?).

This is how it started...

June 26,2007

Iamtheguyurdadwarneduabout: Hi
Priya: Hi
I: How are you?
P: Who are you?
I:What is this question? You are in a common chat room and I am in a common chat room. So we are perfect strangers
P: I do not talk with strangers.
I: Me too
P: But you just told me that we are strangers.
I: That is to confuse you
P: please... Tell me who are you?
I: hehehe
P: asl please?

I came to a conclusion that she is one of the inquisite types. She is a person who does not talk to strangers and she is now asking for my ASL!

I: male/ early- mid twenties/ India. what about You?
P: Female/ 19/ India

To check the authenticity of her gender, I started chatting with her from my nick ids which has female names.( I am not gonna reveal the identity of those IDs for my own safety). I soon found out that she was indeed a girl.

I:What exactly brings you in a common chatting room
P: To make new friends
I: How do you make friends? Its not that simple like cooking.
P: Very funny!Shoot...
I: What do you do?
P: Hey I cannot tell that to you. I do not even know you. What do you do?
I : I do not know you either.So I cannot tell you either

P: Bye then.

I: Ok. Bye.Btw, the conversation with you was very sweet.
silence... after five minutes
P: Are you there?
I: Yes.
P: You are so mean. Ok! I am Priya,doing my 2nd VisCom in xxx.xxxxxxx College for women,Chennai. ( The number of "X"s is a clue for the blog readers)
I: Is it the college behind Isphani?
P: mmmmmm.. Tell me about yourself.
( I was waiting for this question. Infact I got my job beacause of this question.)
I: Blah blah blah
I: Blah blah blah
I: Blah blah blah
I: Blah blah blah
( By this time she was completely bored and as usual I never sensed it)
P: I gotta go. catch you sometime later.
I: Blah blah blah
I: Blah blah blah
Priya Logged Out

Only now i figured that she actually logged off...

... to be continued


  1. ha ha ha... thank you.. i really had a good laugh..it was very funny.. will try to be regular visitor for ur blogs..

    P.S.:- i dint like the wrd feminism(strictly my opinion.. u r free to go with it).. things can be other way around too..btw ur 'abt me' section was funny like ur blog no 28..i liked it ..will comment on other after reading the rest.. :)

  2. I have tried hands in these chat rooms..so whoz ur next target ??!

  3. anand: thank you for dropping by. and I was not just stating abt feminism.. i also stated about MCPs(male chauvinistic pigs). i just wanted to state that am gender un biassed.. keep coming.. thank ya

  4. gomz: orkut floored me. i became an addict and am nw struggling now to come out of it.. but messenger; I am out of it...This post is coming in three sections..

  5. well feminism and MCP are synonymous.. and well its sort of gender biased only.. neutral means u r not commenting on any gender.. anyway.. i just gave my concern.. :)

  6. hehe.. exactly thats what i meant.. the disclaimer says that i wont be entertaining any topics on that.. neutral!.. hehe.. now i have a third gender under my purview.. trans...have to redevice my plan

  7. Hmm chatting was fun, those days ago!

  8. That was hilarious. Haven't tried any chat rooms myself..
    Thanks for dropping by my blog :)

  9. roger: still i laff a lot wen i am taken back to those days..

    dhanya: ill keep on jumping there.. keep jumping here too

  10. i was also hooked to the same stuff while i was at the college!! Today my messenger looks like a telephone directory with half unknown names!!!

  11. haha santosh.. I have forgotten half of my own IDs

  12. no wonder u were so obsessed wit xxx.xxxxxxx college de last time we went to isphani..!! :P

    i shud ve known tht somethin fishy was goin on!! ;D

  13. dhanya! last time we were there, i dint even chat with priya... well as a matter of fact i might have known megs or bini or shilpa or keerthi.. but i am veryy innocent

  14. Am still thinking... which college that would be... hmmm...

  15. its in chennai.. usha... and the first three letters are M.O.P... the last few letters wont be disclosed now.. but i wud say that lot of punjabi, gujju babes study there

  16. lol.. i was a voracious internet socialiser meself.. =P

    i used to stay up all night chatting up with complete strangers.. thankfully for me, the folks who i spoke to were all nice leaving out an exception of one satanistic devil worshipping cult boy.. :/

    ANYWAYS..! yea.. i KNOW the feeling.. :) and online romances/ flings/ whatever u want to call them are something else.. :)

    and oh.. she is my senior then.. =P

    and as for the question u posted on my blog.. if u're asking abt megha jain then, yes i know her very well.. very close friend of mine.. =D

    and as for binitha, nope.. not my classmate.. dont know her.. :)


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