I first flunked in my class 1 exams,when my answer to the mathematical question 1+1 =1 was not accepted by my class teacher. My explanation that one tiger plus one lion = one tigress was not accepted by her.

I again failed in class 1; This time in LOVE.My girlfriend Renu ditched me when i stuck bubble gum under her shoes.

Then I failed in urine test when i was in class three. The yello samples landed me in bed for a couple of months with jaundice. I had a royal treatment though.

I twice failed in bike-riding test because the person who conducted the test found me guilty of keeping my foot on the ground while performing the age-old act of tracing an 8 with the bike. Little did he know that reaching the ground with both my legs;that too with a tall bike like unicorn, was itself an herculine task for me.

The first time i tried knotting a tie, it looked like britney spears's miniskirt.

I have worn a T-shirt inside out for one whole friday at my workplace with everyone but me noticing it.

The other day during my engineering days, I tried plugging the both ends of the same wire to the plug board and the whole college did not have power supply for two days.

I tried copying some 25 times in exams all my life and I have never been successful even once.

I was so down thinking about all my failures when i came across this poster. Great words from a great man. Such humility is rare to find in the present day scenario.

Now I have a reason to fail and am proud of failing