Saturday, July 16, 2005

25. A reason to fail

I first flunked in my class 1 exams,when my answer to the mathematical question 1+1 =1 was not accepted by my class teacher. My explanation that one tiger plus one lion = one tigress was not accepted by her.

I again failed in class 1; This time in LOVE.My girlfriend Renu ditched me when i stuck bubble gum under her shoes.

Then I failed in urine test when i was in class three. The yello samples landed me in bed for a couple of months with jaundice. I had a royal treatment though.

I twice failed in bike-riding test because the person who conducted the test found me guilty of keeping my foot on the ground while performing the age-old act of tracing an 8 with the bike. Little did he know that reaching the ground with both my legs;that too with a tall bike like unicorn, was itself an herculine task for me.

The first time i tried knotting a tie, it looked like britney spears's miniskirt.

I have worn a T-shirt inside out for one whole friday at my workplace with everyone but me noticing it.

The other day during my engineering days, I tried plugging the both ends of the same wire to the plug board and the whole college did not have power supply for two days.

I tried copying some 25 times in exams all my life and I have never been successful even once.

I was so down thinking about all my failures when i came across this poster. Great words from a great man. Such humility is rare to find in the present day scenario.

Now I have a reason to fail and am proud of failing


  1. too bad u dont have as many failures as MJ to boast of.. he he.. ;)

  2. The count of failure has always been much more than that of success ! But that's the strongest cushion to sit up and look ahead. Life would not be exciting if I were to win all the time with no body to defeat me.

  3. dhanya: hehe someof my failures would have to go through the censor axe if i have to post it in my blog. after all you know what i am talking about.

    sandy: hehe.. very true.. life would not be exciting if u lose once after a string of victories.. but still a smiling face that depicts pure acceptance of defeat will suffice it

  4. Did you just get a lil serious there?
    I really love the similes you use...Your first tie knot looked like Britney's skirt?!!?!

  5. In my high school history class there was something similar to that poster, except about Abe Lincoln.

    I've failed at a couple of things, though, I have to admit, never a urine test. :)

  6. arshat:yeaa. a little serious indeed.. hehe.. and the britney spears thingie.. did u imagine me in that costume? nooooooooooooooo

    nicky: i have even failed in a blood test once.. it was typhoid ..

  7. Didnt find this post humorous. !
    Instead found my spirits lifted :)

  8. arpana.. thank ya.. keep visiting and do add ya comments

  9. omg..your post came at perfect time..i really really needed this!..i have exams going on..and i was hell tensed..

  10. and btw i agree with arshat..even i liked the comparison of briteny spear's skirt!;)


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