Tuesday, July 06, 2004

20. My Picks

Rough Ladies, Gentlemen and Others,

Business demanded me to be out of station for one week and hence could not add any posts in my blog in the past few days. Well after a successful sales pitch am back again to my Cubicle.
Coming back to the title, this post is not about my nose pickings.Infact it is dedicated for the past one month of blogging.I have selected three of my favorite posts on popular demand ( This popular demand was put forward by me, myself, senior II, Mr.X). To be more precise, no one demanded anything sans me.

Top Three Smile Inducers(Posts)

Third place goes to GENDERal Science

Second Place goes to The Surprise adventure

First Place goes to The Brave Dreamer

Coming up attractions

1)KIDS - " The Devils in Disquise and
2)Mandira Bedi - " The New Indian Cricket Coach"

Stay Tuned.



  1. Good to see you back in action!!
    Keep writing..!!

  2. my back was in action last week due to fud poisoning.. will sure add a couple of posts over the weekend

  3. hey machaaaaaa.. wat made u decide tht these were ur best blogs??? de no of smiles?? :)

    u shud ve asked us to rate ur top 3 stories (in de fiction category of course.. :P)

  4. Me like all posts that have Renu n Shabir starring in them! :D

  5. dhanya: the devil in me made me choose it..if i had asked you guys to rate it,no body wud have rated it.. so y take the pain..

    usha:renu and shabir will star in many more episodes


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