Tuesday, June 10, 2003

2.The secret behind my winks

I think when i wink
- Robert Clive.

DISCLAIMER: All the information provided here are true to the best of my LITTLE knowledge. Any resemblance to any creature alive or dead is done with a purpose

Robert Clive winked at an Indian Babe in the post independance era . The local public were enraged by such an act and so they bashed him up and took him to the great freedom fighter Shri . Jai Manohar Kolkatta ,who happened to be the local panchayat head at that time and when Robert Clive was asked whether he had anything to say before his last breath, he uttered these words," I think when i wink".

These words entered the history books basically because of two reasons
1. Robert Clive escaped from being stoned to death
2. The City of calcutta was renamed as Kolkatta.

Jai Manohar Kolkatta incidently happens to be the greatest ever Independance hero the country has ever produced. Legend has its history that he was a martial arts exponent and was also the founder of the martial art form of Kung-Fu. But all his exploits were not published. The only book that has all the details about Kolkatta was discovered by my pet dog, "Bubbly", on 24-02-2004 in my back yard.

Flashback to 24-02-2004.

As Bubbly has a very good appetite unlike his master( his master happens to be me), he eats at will. and so nature calls him pretty often. And when ever nature calls him, Bubbly runs to the backyard and squarts like a true warrior and stands like Jackie Chan and performs the metabolic activity. The expression in Bubbly's face during his metabolic activity is almost similar to the expression that Kate Winslet gives in the movie, "Titanic" when ever she sees the man she is engaged to.The post- activity effort to cover-up the treasure is indeed a sight to see. Bubbly has this unique god given gift of covering point B when actually point A needs to be covered.

On that historic day, my pet dog Bubbly was performing his usual covering up act in the backyard . As he ate a lot that day, he had to do extra work for the covering up act;in the process he accidently dug a 14.23 feet long hole. Suddenly he stopped his covering up activity and started barking in C minor scale. That peculiar bark was a warning sound for his master(once again am reminding u all that I am his master). I ran to the backyard and what i saw really left me speechless.

Bubbly had this book in his mouth. I took the book from Bubbly and started reading it. The book had lots of controversies hidden in it.All pre Independance secrets were in that book. I had tears in my eyes. I turned around and saw Bubbly crying too. I wiped his tears with my hands and Bubbly tried wiping my tears with his paws,but i did not allow him to do so, cos he did not do the covering act properly and he still had some traces of metabolic proof on his paws..I winked at him and he winked at me...



  1. Hahahaha...cant stop laughing!
    My fav part was when the dog tries to wipe the tears of its master :) What imagination!!!

  2. though the post is from my imaginary world,bubbly is not.. bubbly is a spaniel.. he died in 2004. miss him a lot

  3. I loved this one the best! hahahaha!

    But something keeps haunting me... ;> Since Bubbly needs to attend calls of nature often (and in profusion, may i add) and taking into consideration that a backyard cant b too spacious, can i safely conclude that Bubbly has perhaps at some point in time, 'done it' on this precious stack of papyrus from the yonder years? :D HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Love this blog!

  4. Thank you Verbal Diarrhoea.. Bubbly had Normal Diarrhoea unlike you...So the backyard thingie was just blown up.. He used to start his action right from my bedroom...Btw, there is some problem with your blog. Can i view it? and does VD have a name?

  5. o man .... I din kno Bubbly could cry .... u sure must've been a gr8 "master(ya ya its u only)" Chriss!


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