Sunday, April 13, 2003

1.GENDERal Science


Husband = man
Wife = woman

Disclaimer : The following article proves the above two equations wrong.

Those who are sure about their gender can continue reading...

Long Long ago , so long ago, when i was in class three, i attempted to master the art of copying in exams. As u all know that i was very innocent, i did not have the efficacy to carry out a malpractice successfully. I was caught by my biology teacher and she made me kneel down in front of the so called hot babes in my class. I still remember that day when Renu,Minu,sheena,reba,shyla, mahima,esther, ruth, mary and meena laughed at me. That was when i thought of taking revenge on my biology teacher.

Days flew by and soon i was in Class eight:

The same biOlogy teacher became my class teacher. Finally i got a chance to take revenge on her. The pain she took to teach us the GENDER differences urged me to ask more doubts( i was very innocent, u see). She managed her level best to clear most of my doubts,which inturn would provoke me ask serious innocent doubts. But just when i start thinking that i had the last laugh she will ask me a tricky question and i would finally end up kneeling down.The laughing and giggling from girls side will start as usual. I guess they were madly in love with me.

Days again started flying and today i ended up making the discovery of the century.!! i dunno if " the Noble prize academy" would recognise my discovery and award me the noble prize for works in english and biology. If you are thinking what my discovery is, i am not gonna confuse u any further. I'll go into the matter straight.My discoveryI opened a word document and typed the word wife. and out of curiosity, i checked the synonyms for the word WIFE. I have attached the answer here..

If u have any doubts , check it out.The meaning for the word wife, is husband.Either Bill Gates is wrong or my Biology teacher is wrong ( I have finally taken revenge on her)I do not mind even if one among the two is right, cos in both cases i will end up as the winner.(Renu,Minu,sheena,reba,shyla, mahima,esther, ruth, mary and meena... all u girls can laugh now)

will i get the Nobel prize ?



  1. How brilliant you are!! You say you are anju's junior, eh?

  2. late realisation. how do u kno that?

  3. junior? how? where? when? and please, this is not an sms blog...type out full words! :p not u but "you"!! haha. Nice one. So you and Chriz are the same? how come you comment as different people? alter ego? :D

  4. evull gurl! sinister laff....

    anju! csi matric,99... i know it is not an sms blog... but am not doing it on purpose... can't help it.. will try to rectify the same... chronicwriter is in blogspot domain. and chriz is in livejournal... thankyou for giving me the alter ego idea... will start a new series with that

  5. hello ter...these kind of myths get busted after marriage .Bill gates is rite pal!;-)anyways congrats..u got to know them before tying a decide u wanna be a

    keep writing..

  6. i recently read that women stay longer than men because they do not have wives...Emi!, Dhangooo 4 visiting my blog

  7. o oooooooo .... y i was scared2death 4m my childhood seein pple gettin married
    Danq 4xplainin d cruelties of lyf!

  8. Hey,
    Once again u have proved u r really a chronic writer and that is why some times it never ends. Your writings tempting me to write something, even i am thinking about that. Now you are caugth red handed. What memory u have.... u r remembering all the girls name wen ur 3rd std. Wen i ask u to do something u ll forget and u ll give a reason. This KK trip ll be a tough time for u. Ha Ha Ha. Awesome writing .... Continue

  9. HOW did u manage to set the year as 1982??? I'm still wondering...

  10. I started my blog in 1980. I was -10 years old then. check it out:

    lolz.. nice find btw.

  11. nice one...I am going through most of your got a good collection,you seem to be a very funny guy and by the ways, this revenge wasn't that sweet enough!!

  12. man...u certainly deserve a nobel prize. What an innocent yet brilliant discovery u made...renu and others will be proud of you. And for husband and wife synonym, i am of the opinion that bill gates believes in gender equality and all that hence the synonym.

  13. hiiiii dear chronic

    loved ur kept me hooked for long.. just cant get enough..I read ur interview, firstly congrats and all the best for the future and may god makes ur book a bestseller..:) I'll be the first one to buy a copy of that cute sweet love story with humor in every nook and corner :).. and yaaaa u did a good social work by helping poor hilton HAHAHA..:)

    very nice blog :)


  14. my god! blogs did exist way back in 1982.. i wasnt even born then...shit!! :O :D

  15. hey that was real funny i know what a wife means;))

  16. how did you set the year to 1982??:O

  17. Hello.....i think that the internet was like started only in 1993.........

  18. nice bro.... you are born to test others and revenge many time... lol...


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