Wednesday, September 24, 2003

9.It is hard to be a DAD

Being a DAD to a NUT is not an easy job(ask my dad). It requires loads of patience, mental strength(physical strength is not needed with cases like me,cos i'd pee in my pants with one scornful look itself).
I was very shy to say it; but yesterday when i told," happy daddy's day pops", he gave me an expression-less look.He never expected me to utter those words.

The nutty nature in me goes into a pause mode when ever i come across anything that has something to do with a DAD-SON relationship.Tears rolled down my smiling cheeks last night when i pondered over a few thoughts that came across my mind.
I dedicate five thoughts for that calm man who never ever asked me whether I love him or not.
1) The movie," Life is beautiful"- I see a Roberto Ben in my Dad
2) The tears, I saw in his eyes when I lost my leg( God is gracious that I am still walking). That was the first time i saw my dad crying
3) Those days when I used to hold his index finger when we go for our evening walks
4) The hug he gave me when i got a job.(That was the best Hug i had got from anyone)
5) The kid-in- him that comes to life when he plays withhis grandson ( my Nephew),"Jeremy".

Lost in 25 years of thoughts with my eyes welled up and a smile (not the nutty smile).


  1. It's easier to say what you feel in writing than saying it to someone in the face. But did you know that it has more value when you say it to their face?


    The three most difficult things to say are:
    I love you, Sorry and help me...

    Go n give your dad a hug ma.. He deserves it....!!

  2. Dhanya!-> certain feelings are expressed in silence. I expressed it through words and I got an expression-less stare. I understood what that stare meant.

    Believe me," I love you,Sorry and help me" are the easiest words to say, if you have the heart for it...

  3. Those words are easy to say when you dont have a heart ma.. They become almost mechanical in nature with no real meaning..

    Anyway why argue on that?? I only asked you to give your dad a hug, idiot!!!

    Sometimes a small gesture can echo a thousand unsaid words!! :)

  4. Sounds like you have a prize of a dad there. :)

    I remember holding onto my dad's finger as well, he has these massively large hands (well, he is six foot five)...and I think my hands would have just been crushed had I attempted to hold his actual I'd hold on to his finger.

    I had forgotten that.

  5. kid: different perceptions focussed on an individual. we myte be talking on the same aspect , but from different platforms.

    silver: haha.. my dad was not that huge. but indeed, i was so small.

  6. Now, that's a beeyootiful Father-son relationship.
    Am someone who isn't so expressive bout my feelings. I don't say, I Love You, in so many words. But I get that across in other ways. Dunno if thats as effective, but getting the feeling across counts the most, right?

  7. Touchy post !!
    Only parents can forgive the child even for a murder.
    They are simply gr8 :) !!

  8. USHA: burp** feelings**

    gomz: very true.. am still in a pause mode

  9. Dat was really so .... nice ...
    I dunno how 2tell ya how bad i felt cos i couldn't do al dis 4dis dada's day!
    Hmmm ur da'll surely b proud of mr nutty!

  10. sins: the memories you have of your dad can be understood only by you. Hope you would have gone back to those days when you were pampered around by your dad. Those memories will keep you moving ma.. your comment was the best comment i have received so far as, for the first time, I am giving a serious thought when i type my reply

  11. There! I love this one, Prason :-)

    Take it from a Daddy's girl, there's nothing better than a hug from dad :-)

  12. this one is lovely....
    holding dad's hand and walking :D
    being pampered :D
    dad's rock \:D/
    u nearly lost ur leg? :O :O :O how :-ss


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