Do not follow where the path may lead
Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

I really did not understand the meaning of the above said quote for a very long time. But my pet dog Bubbly helped me in understanding the real meaning of Ralph's words. Bubbly became a part of my life in the year 1992.

He came home as a three week old puppy.He cried for three days because he was not willing to accept me as his master. I was scared of dogs too( who cares, if it was a puppy?). But finally we became friends when Bubbly bit a portion of my newly bought action shoes. From that day onwards Bubbly and me used to share the same bed.I never bothered sharing my bed with him. Infact I used it as an advantage. As the little innocent kid in me had the habit of bed wetting, I could easily blame it on bubbly for the effort produced.

Coming back to the Quote: Bubbly never followed anyone; He loved to be followed. This was evident from the various chases me and my dad had undertaken to bring our bubbly back to our home sweet home.Bubbly always had this habit of running away from home. He was a true champion of sorts.Once the gate is open, he will start off and he will run like crazy into the streets. He is indeed brave like his master( that is me).Once a rooster( The usage of a similar term is avoided as the author is abiding with blogger tems and conditions) scared Bubbly, and as he followed in my footsteps, he knew what non- violence was and he ran away from the rooster, thus saving himself and helped in not bringing any disgrace to his brave master.

Bubbly always had this habit of sniffing on neem trees during his escapades and to add to the spice he used to do some stretching exercises. The stretching exercises range from raising his left leg and placing it on the bark of the tree and showering the tree with gratitude, to squating in front of the tree like a true warrior and performing the metabolic activity.He always left a trail behind for others to follow.

But everyone learns from experiences. On one such occassion, Bubbly was doing his stretching exercise on a neem tree when suddenly he started screeching like Britney Spears and ran back home. Bubbly could not walk properly for that whole day. I was surprised to see such a reversal of incidents. Bubbly never ever showered on a neem tree. I did not know the exact reason for such a change in his attitude. So after a week I went near the neem tree to inspect the area to find what exactly has effected such a change in his behaviour. I soon found how Bubbly had learnt his lesson.

Lesson learnt by Bubbly: Never ever shower a tree which is inhabited by a woodpecker.