Sunday, June 27, 2004

17.A Kiss to remember

A small peck on the cheek...
A wet moisure effect on the forehead...
A warm Hug...
A deft pat on the back...
A quick pinch of the cheek...
A firm grasp of the palms...

Emotions are expressed in many ways. But I am gonna write about the Kiss that I can never forget in my whole life. It was the year 1996. I was in class ten. Renu was also in class ten too. We had this tradition in school that at the beginning of every academic year, the whole class would go on a Tour to some Hill resort. This year we went to Kulu-Manali.

We went in a train till Chandigarh and then boarded a Bus to Manali.For a major part of the journey, Renu and me sat in the same seat with Shabir sitting between us.( for those who have not read through my earlier posts, please note that Renu was my girl in school and Shabir was her Guy). After sometime Renu was uncomfortable because she did not want Shabir to act as a separating line between me and her. So she stood up and went and sat opposite to us in the train.I started admiring her eyes, her nose, the curly locks that fell in place on her dimple cheeks,the small mole behind her ear, her picture perfect eyelashes and the chain ( do not get carried away, cos the chain i saw was not the one which she was wearing but the chain that stops the train).

She coughed once; and the romantic gentleman within me woke up and offered to help her. Immediately I took my water bottle and offered it to her. She wanted to take it from me. But she was so shy to reveal her feelings that she took the waterbottle from Shabir and drank from it.Shabir smiled at her and she smiled back at him.I instantly knew that she was faking a smile at him cos she already lost her heart to me. Time just flew away and soon we were in Manali.
The climate was very cold and we went around and visited many places. We were having fun at that part of the world; Renu also gave me a glance or two now and then,cos according to her, I was her world.

Soon the day was over and we went to the dorm where we were supposed to slumber.To our astonishment we found that there were not enough beds in the boys dorm, and so three of the boys were selected on strict random basis to sleep in the girls dorm.I was one among the three. We were given a strict orders not to misbehave and we were led to the girl's dorm. We guys were given a three stack bed; and I occupied the top stack. Renu was lying in the top stack of the bed which was adjacent to the bed provided to us.To be precise Renu and me were pretty close.A frog jump from her bed would be enough for her to reach my bed.

Soon the lights were switched off and there were complete silence. I could not sleep. How can I? What if Renu falls down from the top stack?But as we had a tiring day, I slowly shut my eyes.But suddenly I heard someone sneaking, and I opened my eyes to see what was happening around. Renu got down from her bed. I immediately closed my eyes to see what would happen.(BTW, how could I see if i closed my eyes? Ans: They say that love is blind.)Soon I could feel someone climbing my bed and I lay still without any reaction. She came closer to me and whispered in my ears. It was such a lovely voice. I really did not know what she conveyed. But her voice was so sweet.

Suddenly the unexpected happened. She locked her mouth with mine and before I could react she went wild and gave me a love bite. I was startled and opened my eyes.Renu was sleeping peacefully in her bed. But who could it be? I quickly got down from the bed and went to the loo to check my lips in the mirror. When I took a closer look, I discovered a female mosquito in a fatal condition between my lips. But why did it die? On second thoughts I realised that I did not brush my teeth that day.

Message to Blog readers: Brush your teeth regularly.


  1. A School that takes you for a Tour, at the BEGINING of EVERY - EVERY-EVERY academic year and when u were in TENTH !!! And u went to KULU-MANALI !!! .....Chriz are u talking about CSI MATRICULATION Nagercoil ??????????????????????????????
    (PS. Words in caps express my astonishment/amazement/jealousy...please stress them twice the normal chord while reading)

  2. this is the disadvantage of having your own classmate as one of your blog readers.. she will exploit all your LIES.... sandy! please bear wimme.. all these thoughts emanate from my nutty mind..

  3. nickel!: theyw ere really bad indeed

  4. Your nutty mind works a lot Chriz!!
    Are you kind of having this character RENU like Calvin's Hobbes??

  5. I really dunno how Renu found her way into my blogs. But i started loving that character now.

  6. oh my God...
    gimme a brk..let me completer my laughter!!
    u must be CRAZY....
    and ur friend out here purple heart...
    he has crashed ur imagination!!

  7. purple heart is a SHE and not a HE. SHE will crash your imagination if she reads your comment. hehe

  8. hey, i dint kno i nvr posted a comment on this one!!!

    neway i read ur post to kno y n i found my ans.... this endin isnt de usual chriz ending.. no wonder i dint like it....

    i kno i sound like a critic but i cant help it...

  9. HAHAHAHA! toooo good! :D

    You ought to do something 'pro-active' about that meddlesome shabir!

    And that's SOME school that takes you on a tour at the beginning of the acad. yr, and that too, to Kulu-Manali! hehe!

  10. very nice....... getting eager to know about ur second kiss!!


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