When i was a small boy, i used to read the " All in the Family" cartoon strip which used to appear in the front page of "The Hindu".... Now as a grown up guy, ( mentally atleast, if not in stature) I am planning to use real life characters in my blog. These characters include my folks back home and My Close Circle of friends

1)Senior = My dad ( Am not gonna call myself junior. I'd rather call myself Senior II. It would be like king James I,II,II and so on....)

2)Mrs.Senior = My mother( I would often refer to her as my first girlfriend. BTW her first boyfriend's name is David(Senior). David's son's name is Chriz ( Senior II), and my first girl's name is Shobana) (I am just checking whether you guys are reading this post carefully or not)

Trivia:Dad is a scientist and he designs rockets and stuff. If You wanna have a great discussion on rocket propulsion and space technology, we have an In-House consultant in place. He Heads the liquid propulsion plant of India.

Mrs.Senior is not an architect, neither does she build any houses. But still she is a home maker.
3) Preetha and Johnny. ( Preetha happens to be my Second girlfriend and she is also the first child of the Davids... Johnny married Preetha in 2003 and thus he became my Brother-in-LAW. Talking about law, i flunked in my law paper in my MBA).

Trivia:Preetha and Johhny are in Sunnyvale,California.BTW, Me and Preetha are siblings.

4)Jeremy David and Jolena Annika
( Do they sound like some Hollywood characters?... Hold on.. Jeremy is my Nephew and Jolena is his sister and so she becomes my niece).Jeremy will be three this september and Jolena will be three months this August.Did i tell you that Preetha and Johhny are the parents of these kids?

Trivia:Jolena is my God child and so I am her God father ( Brando-Alpacino and Puzo!!!, plz bear wimme)

More characters will be included in due course of time (apart from Renu and Shabir ).

(These would include living creatures from my school days, engineering days, days in chennai /pondycherry /cochin/nagercoil/Trivandrum/China...)