Thursday, November 06, 2003

11.LOO-ng term vision

Disclaimer: Please close your nose and read this post

India's population is blasting its way to Glory!By the year 2050,we would have taken over china by 200%.The rate at which we are growing will make our human resource rich by 20% compared to the whole world population.

Scientists in India are worried about one major issue that will supress India's growth.Being a socio-sensual (sensual sounds better than sensitivity) person, I always ponder over serious issues that hinder our country's growth.When i ponder, my thoughts travel around places of great geographic interest, and during one such mind-travel, my thoughts came to a halt near " Ashok Pillar", in Chennai.

Yippee! I Jumped in joy because I found the solution for the biggest ever question that is baffling the scientists all these years .My findings will save our country. (You can now give me a standing ovation).I am going to reveal my great thoughts in this post.

The Biggest ever Question that is baffling the scientists:
At the current rate of population explosion, India would be filled with 800 crore people by 2050.With the current toilet manufacturing rate which is 2 toilet/machine/day, the country would not have enough toilets to acommodate 800 crore bum's in times of crisis.

The Biggest ever answer: (Thanks to my thoughts after
pondering over the Ashoka Pillar)

Applying rules of correlation and regression, only 585 crores of bums can be accomodated by the available resources at a single Go. So if four lions can sit back to back , Why can't four human beings do the same thing?But care should be taken during the post-deposit-process.



  1. I can't believe I am even bothered to leave a comment !! Chriz !!!!!!! Thnx for the warning can't get more creative than this !!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR !!!!!!!!!!

  2. Chrissy baby,i miss those days in college when we all used to sit around you and listen to your non stop jokes.I can imagine your facial expressions and your articulative movements when I go through your blog.Time just flies

  3. Thankfully, a lack of toilets is not something I have to worry about often. :)

  4. U r found guilty of giving me a tummy ache! Still laughing so hard!!!!! :D :D :D

  5. Sandy: HeHe... The very small,calm classmate got spoilt in his college life.

    Richard: Machaaaaaan! Great to see you. I'll dedicate a post soon for our engineering days

    Nickel-silver: We have to worry about water also. Wll come with a post for that too

    Usha: Tummy ache? He He. Run!!

  6. Where do you get these ideas from??!
    Btw,Thanks for saving the world!
    *standing ovation* ;)

  7. Hey chriz.

    I generally read most of your post via RSS feed.

    But i had to come down and say may be you can earn something via this blog so that the IT you paid will can be compensated.

  8. huh,,,grrr ..
    I regret to have over looked the CAPS in the post title...

  9. AC:My alter ego and my anti-alter ego gives me all this unwanted idea.

    Santosh: I am getting used this whole blogspot concept. Will start earning soon thru ad revenue.

    Gomz: When we restrict the kids, they try to break free

  10. i couldn't help but laugh laugh and laugh.

    i bet u would've made lotsa GFs during ur college days.

    think abt a solution for other troubles in the world too. I wonder how your creativity works there.

  11. kastamada sami!!! room pottu yosipingalo!!

  12. Umesh: Hey.., this is so creative man... keep it up.


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