Saturday, July 30, 2005

33. Fun with a picture

PG NOT required for reading this post: Children below 18 years of age are not requested to take guidance from their parents and in the process spoil their image as well as mine.

This picture is that of an amazing man. This guy is a medical wonder. He might be the eighth world wonder or the blunder, but believe it or not, this guy has his heart in his abdomen. Strange?

see for yourself.
( Guys. My work demands me to be out of station for a couple of weeks. Will post some interesting news from China soon)

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

32. The Gen-Z

Born in the early 1980s I find myself in the Gen-X civilization.I have a few young cousins who were born in the 1990s and they find themselves in Gen-Y or the Yo generation.My niece and nephew are post 2000 products and they find themselves in the Gen-z or the Zapster generation.

This post is again dedicated to my kids.My sister sent me a few photos of her children ( my nephew and niece) and a few snaps caught my attention.Here we Go!!!
Jolena is 75 days old and believe it or not, she crawls with her tummy. In my case, I took 8 months to move an inch. I was so lazy then. She has a big crib and she swims in her crib all the time. Looking back, I never had a crib. Infact I was made to sleep between my parents when I was an infant. She giggles a lot whenever My sister calls me over the phone. To converse with her, I also indulge in baby talk only to see my colleagues giving me a dirty look.

This is Jeremy. This is how he says his bedtime prayers. He has a comparatively smaller bed when compared to Jolena.
He prays for his winnie the pooh,mickeymouse,for his musical instruments and also his car before he hits bed. One thing that is common between me and him is that we both pee in bed.( I used to when I was a kid, and not anymore).
This picture is a true indication that he also likes to show off just like his maamaa(me). I first touched the keyboard when I was in class 6. This kid is not even three and he already plays the rhythm pads well. He now wants a mobile phone for himself it seems. Dunno what he is gonna do with that?
By the , readers!!!, Should I also post some snaps of me posing in
1) crawling pose
2) sleeping like my nephew
3)Playing the keyboard!
Wouldn't that be CUTE?... btw, what is the dictionary meaning for the word Cute?

Monday, July 25, 2005

31. Online Dating Game- Concluding Part

Read Part-1 and Part-2 to understand this post better.

After the few chat conversations I had with Priya, I found that I was in love. I knew that this was pure love unlike the love I had for my childhood girlfriend,"Renu".

The love I had for Renu was due to the ever increasing competition from my nemesis,Shabir. Infact with Renu,I started loving the challenge more than Renu.

But this love that I developed for Priya would have passed Agmark/ISI/ISO/BS/CMM-5/HIV standards with ease.I developed a dream image of Priya in my mind. The dream image was a composite mixture of Jessica Alba,Salma Hayek,Penelope Cruz,Jennifer Aniston and Mandira Bedi.

June 30,2007:

I woke up very early in the morning ( 7.30 a.m.). Usually I wake up at 9 a.m. and reach office by 9.15 (my work timings are 8.30 a.m. -5.30 p.m.). But as I was head over heels in love with Priya ( I keep a high-heel slippers under my pillow when I dream about Priya),I woke up very early. For a change I brushed my teeth and switched on my Notepad. Soon I logged into my Yahoo messenger and I found her online.

Iamtheguyurdadwarneduabout: Hi Priya!
Priya: Hi chriz! Gd Mrnng
I: What a pleasant surprise. I logged into my yahoo messenger to have a business chat with my client and there you are ( 1st lie)
P: So you don't want to chat with me
I: No. The client can wait.
P: So sweet of you.
I: ( I was smiling now and I started my flirting Hits) How sweet?
P: I don't know how to tell.
I: What are you doing at this point of time? Waiting for your boyfriend?
P: I don't have a boyfriend. Infact you are the only guy I chat with ( A big lie)
I: Am I so special to you?
P: You are decent
I: That is flattering ( I was floored. First time in my life, someone was calling me Decent)
P: No. I dont have to flatter you. I just told what I felt.
I: When are you planning to get married?
P: As soon as I find a Guy.
I: You just said that I am the only Guy you chat with!So have you found your Mr. Right?

Silence for five minutes. My alter-ego said that I have done a major blunder. But just before I lost hope, I got a message from her.

P: sorry! I got DC.some problem with my system
I: Something wrong with your system? What food did you have last night?
P:Chi... dirty boy ( she didn't sense my innocence)
I: I am innocent
P: What did you say before my system crashed?
I: you didnot see that message?
P: I saw it . But I just wanted to know if you were serious
I: If you take me for a cartoon, leave it.
P: No. But we barely know each other. But I like you; but I can't commit now
I: I am totally confused with what you just said
P: I like someone who can take proper care of me
I: are you a child?
P: Thats not what I meant. what i meant was i expect my guy to be loyal to me
I: if you have any doubts. You can call my ex-girlfriend and confirm.(The story i created in my previous conversation)
P: You still think about her
I: Sometimes :-(
P: Don't worry. But promise me that You'd be loyal to me.
I: Do you doubt me? ( This is a emotional buster that Rajini uses on Mammooty in the Tamil movie, Thalapadhi)
P: I did not say that I doubt you. But I don't know about you much. Infact I havenot even seen you
I: So thats the problem? I'll send you a picture of mine today evening
P: That would be nice. By the by I will send you my picture after you send yours
( Little did she know that I have already seen her picture in her friend's orkut profile)
I: Do you like a guy with Mush?
P: Yikes.Chi. I hate moushtaches. Do you have one?
I: No. My cheeks are as soft as a newborn baby's bum ( But infact I had my dirty shabby look with my beard)
P: haha. By the by I'd prefer stubbles like what Brad pitt had in Mission Impossible 2
I: Ok. Then I'd take a picture of mine with my stubbles ( This girl doesn't know the difference between Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt)
P: i'll be expecting your snap this evening.
I: OK. then. time for me to go to work. Ill catch you tomorrow with your feedbacks on my snap.
P: Bye then. Miss me till then.
I: Sure. Tke care.

Immediately I went to the nearest saloon and ordered the guy to do a face massage,stubble shave,head massage and a facial bleach. He took three hours and completed the whole process. As a result I had a red colour mark on my left cheek. He told that the mark will disappear in no time. I paid him a four digit monetary value and headed home for the photoshoot.As soon as I reached home, I took my digicam and tuned it to auto-mode. Then I went and stood in front of the camera and gave a romantic look.
The Romantic look:
1) face the camera and flash the best possible smile
2)wink a little to add sensuality to the picture
3) wait a little so that the picture is saved in the camera.
After the romantic look posing was over , I went over and checked for the captured image of mine. I was speechless cos I was looking very HOT indeed. I knew that priya would fall in love with me after seeing the snap. I uploaded the snap in my notepad and sent it to her mail id.

Note: I havenot heard from her after that. I guess she might have found out that she doesnot have the slightest of chances to marry me.and this is the romantic photo that i sent her.

The end.


Sunday, July 24, 2005

30. Online Dating Game-Part 2

If you have not read the part-1 of this three part series; check it out here Part-1.

Part-2 Begins:

After my first online chat with Priya, I carried on with my work. After a couple of days when I logged into my yahoo messenger, I had a friend request from Priya. I was happy indeed.This is the first time in my life that a Girl is sending me a friend request. I did not give a second thought and I added her.

June 28,2007

As soon as i added her I found out that she was online.I wanted her to send a message to me so that I could continue chatting with her.But she too wanted me to start the conversation. I waited for almost an hour and finally I gave up and said a Hi. There was no reply. I waited for another five minutes and sent her another chat message" are you there". still no reply. After another fiteen minutes, she sent me a bye and logged out. I really did not know why she did such a thing. She added me, but still she did not want to chat with me. I had a troubled sleep that night.But believe me I did not wet my bed.

June 29,2007
I woke up very early and even before brushing my teeth, I ran to the computer and checked my yahoo messenger. I had a string of offline messages from priya. She said that she was sorry for her rude behaviour and that was because her nagging brother was near her. I left a sigh of relief which was accompanied by my bad breath. I sent her a "Its O.K" reply.

Immediately I got a reply back from her

Priya: Hi
Iamtheguyurdadwarneduabout: Are u thr?
P: yes.
I: always in chat?
P: as if you dont sit always
I: i just woke up
P: mmm. You came to check whether am online ?
I: No ( Though the answer was Yes)
P: Liar
I: When you know the answer , why do you ask that?
P: just like that. By the by Do you have a girlfriend?
I: yes.! i have three girlfriends in my life
P: who are they?
I: my mom, my sis and my niece
P: haha
I: does that sound like a joke?
P: yes. You are funny
I: Don't you have college?
P: i have. but am not going to college today.
P: study hols. have to study.btw what do you do?
I: I work for a living.
P: What do you work as?
I: a presenter and a business analyst
P: how much do u earn?
I: enuff money to buy food,clothes and pay my flat rent

She was not satisfied with the answer

P: What do you think about love?

Immediately i opened google and searched for love quotes and soon I had a few quotes. I selected one and sent to her

I: Looking back, I have this to regret. that too often when i loved, I did not say so
P: have any bad experience?
I: ( Should I create a love story that has a tragic end?) Yes!!!
P: can you tell that to me
I: Should i tell it now? I have not brushed my teeth yet and am hungry too..
P: Ok take ur own time . I wont force you.
I: Hahaha. here i start. it was two years ago........ blah blah blah
( I started a great love story. I was the Hero indeed. and in my story all the babes wanted me. Finally one girl became lucky and in the end she got married to someone else and I am very sad about the whole incident)
P: Sorry to hear that.
I: lets change the topic. tell me about urself.
P: blah blah blah
P: blah blah blah
P: blah blah blah
I: wow thats really good. By the way, I have to go to work. Ill catch you tomorrow. Nice chatting with you
P: nice chatting with you too.
I: bye
P: bye. take care pal

to be continued...


Saturday, July 23, 2005

29. I am very Innocent

This is a very innocent post from a very innocent writer( ME)

My God Child "Jolena" and her Big brother," Jeremy" (My nephew) are about to sleep.

Jolena Annika is 75 days old. My mom is pampering her with her daily fun bath.

Jeremy will turn three this september and he is an amazing brother for little Jolena...

I was showing these three snaps to my lady colleague and she jumped up and down as if she had won a miss universe crown and she said," wow the kids are so cute"... Being very innocent, I thought of surpirsing my colleagues with another three fotos.

The next day, I took a snap of ME in the bathtub and sent it around as a forward to my colleagues. Half of them stopped talking to me. I was so dejected. Then I found the reason for their sudden change in behavior. They were actually expecting my other two pictures. But for the other two pictures I needed a partner to pose along. So I thought of approaching the same lady colleague for her help; and so I went to her and told about my plans. I even told her that I'd buy her a pink frock so that the originality of the picture is not lost. She did not utter a word. But she went away. I did not know why she never bothered to reply.

The next day morning,I had a beautiful mail from the SHPB(sexual harrassment prevention board). They had called for an immediate meeting. I was so happy that I was the only one invited for the meeting from the male community. So I immediately opened my laptop zipper and found my axe deo. I sprayed it all over me. Then I rushed to the men's room and Gel'd my hair and when I found that I was really looking HOT, I made my move to the meeting room. I walked into the meeting room with full confidence and when I entered the room, I found out that I was the only Guy there. All the girls wanted me. But before they could talk, I quickly started my talk," Look ! Ladies!!! I know that you can't resist me. But I value my culture a lot and I do not appreciate any sort of emotional attachment from anyone among you.Also as I am a goal oriented guy, I do not want to give any hope to anyone of you". I was happy that i made my point loud and clear.

Then they started talking and they continued talking for another one hour. I do not want to disclose what they said, cos If I disclose it,all theguys who read this would feel very jealous.But I just want to reveal only one thing. All these girls were truly, madly and deeply in love with me.


Tuesday, July 19, 2005

28. Online dating game - Part 1

I was first introduced to chatting using yahoo messenger when i was in class 12. It was the year 1999. I was amazed that I could create my own yahoo email id and my own chat name and I could even chat with people through net. I used to be a regular visitor of the Tamil chat room and I happened to make a good decent number of common-room chat friends. We talked about our everyday life,cracked jokes and sang songs in the community.The vices did not attack me then. One day this dirty friend of mine pulled me into dating chat rooms. Initially I was scared to see the quality of messages I used to receive from strangers. But Mr.X( my alter-ego) gave me enough strength and courage to reply to such quality messages and soon I was an expert in dating-community chat rooms. Days flew by and soon the online dating interest died and my interests were more focussed on writing,my family,friends and my job...

Late last month, I thought of reviving some old memories. So I entered Yahoo messenger's common chat room and targetted a victim.Her name was Priya ( I am not gonna reveal whether I changed her name or not. Keep guessing). Our chat conversation lasted a week. And sure it ended.This love affair of mine lasted for a whole week. It is one of the longest love affair I had in my life.(Btw, Can I call it a love affair?).

This is how it started...

June 26,2007

Iamtheguyurdadwarneduabout: Hi
Priya: Hi
I: How are you?
P: Who are you?
I:What is this question? You are in a common chat room and I am in a common chat room. So we are perfect strangers
P: I do not talk with strangers.
I: Me too
P: But you just told me that we are strangers.
I: That is to confuse you
P: please... Tell me who are you?
I: hehehe
P: asl please?

I came to a conclusion that she is one of the inquisite types. She is a person who does not talk to strangers and she is now asking for my ASL!

I: male/ early- mid twenties/ India. what about You?
P: Female/ 19/ India

To check the authenticity of her gender, I started chatting with her from my nick ids which has female names.( I am not gonna reveal the identity of those IDs for my own safety). I soon found out that she was indeed a girl.

I:What exactly brings you in a common chatting room
P: To make new friends
I: How do you make friends? Its not that simple like cooking.
P: Very funny!Shoot...
I: What do you do?
P: Hey I cannot tell that to you. I do not even know you. What do you do?
I : I do not know you either.So I cannot tell you either

P: Bye then.

I: Ok. Bye.Btw, the conversation with you was very sweet.
silence... after five minutes
P: Are you there?
I: Yes.
P: You are so mean. Ok! I am Priya,doing my 2nd VisCom in xxx.xxxxxxx College for women,Chennai. ( The number of "X"s is a clue for the blog readers)
I: Is it the college behind Isphani?
P: mmmmmm.. Tell me about yourself.
( I was waiting for this question. Infact I got my job beacause of this question.)
I: Blah blah blah
I: Blah blah blah
I: Blah blah blah
I: Blah blah blah
( By this time she was completely bored and as usual I never sensed it)
P: I gotta go. catch you sometime later.
I: Blah blah blah
I: Blah blah blah
Priya Logged Out

Only now i figured that she actually logged off...

... to be continued

Monday, July 18, 2005

27. "Kids"- The devils in disguise

I have taken scripture classes for kids between age groups 4 to 6 and believe me it was a horrible time for me.Now I take sunday school scripture classes for teenage boys and it is very easy to tackle them. I have even gone to the extent of crying when i handled the little menaces.
If I have to start writing about them, I have to state their names too.

Ashwin- Age 6
Neha - Age 6
Steven - Age 4
Nila -Age 4
Anju - Age 5
Rexy - Age 5

( As a personal safety measure I have purposefully changed their names)
The sunday service starts at 8 am and ends at 9.30 am. After the service gets over, I take sunday classes for these kids for an hour. The whole one hour is like a battling in troubled waters experience for me. I have tackled the strongest of guys, the meanest of cannibals, the notorious lecturers and the sarcastical comments that have hit me. But I have never found the answer to these kids.I sit in a corner of the church and these kids sit in a semi circle facing me. All these six pests are different in their own ways.

Nila, the youngest of them all is the cutest of the lot. She has rosy cheeks and a pair of dimples that are similar to that of preity zinta's. She can melt Idi Amin's heart with her smile. But she does not use her smile in my class. She has this extreme capability to cry from 9.30 am to 10.30 am. All the other sunday class teachers look at me scornfully as if I am the reason behind her crying.

Steven, another young kid is a confused guy. He asks questions that leave you cry like Roger federer. He asks wrong questions at the wrong time. There was this lady who sat behind my class and admiring the kids and their naughty nature. I have not seen her before. She might have been in her mid thirties. Steven suddenly blurted out ," Uncle, Is that aunty your wife?". I turned around and she gave me a dirty stare.My face turned Blue just like Muthiah Muralidharan's face when he bowls. I looked around. Every one were looking at me.She left the place immediately. The kids started giggling and that was not the end. He bowled another bouncer at me by asking ," Uncle ! Are you a girl or a boy?"

Rexy is a very calm girl. She speaks very less. But she does it all through her actions. One day Ashwin started crying out loud. Rexy was found biting his lower back. I really do not know why she chose such a strategic position to bite. I thanked God that Ashwin was not facing her when she was performing her biting act. I had to take the little one to the hospital.

Talking about Anju; she can never sit in one place.I often end up running behind her during class hours.So in order to make her sit in one place, I give her chocolates. She often complains to her parents that uncle doesnot know anything in the Bible( Uncle is me according to her).

Last but not the least is Neha. This little pest is a terrorist. You can often find her eating the wax crayons, tearing the notebooks, writing on the church walls,sarcastically laughing at me when i narrate a story as if I am a liar and sometimes complaining to others that i pinched her.She talks about movies and movie songs and spoils all the kids in my class and all the kids would start singing together and if their parents ask them where they learnt the song from they boldly answer that they learnt it in my class.

I bore all their tantrums for one whole year. But one incident made me to take the decision of not taking classes for kids ever again in my life.The reason was this lovely devil," Ashwin".
Ashwin, the eldest of them all is the most unpredictable. He is very good in mathematics just like me and you can never predict what he is about to say. Once I was taking classes for these kids and I was narrating the story of "Noah and his ark", when suddenly this little one starts playing inky pinky ponky. I was baffled at what he was upto. So I let him finish the whole game. Finally he shouted " Chriz uncle! You are the culprit". I was very angry for two reasons

1. He calling me an uncle.
2. He calling me a culprit.

But I should have negleted him; controlled my anger and changed the topic. Instead I let him talk by asking him, "Why do you call me a culprit?" in one of my most threatening tones. He was indeed threatened.But he never showed any sign that he was scared ( A trait that he must have acquired from me).He continued. You are the ONE, uncle. I asked him again," What?Who? Me?"( Now in a gentle tone). He shouted at the top of his voice," Uncle! You farted!!!". ( I assure to my blog readers that I was not the culprit that time).

Kids! I am really scared of them.


26. Let us learn English

I am often reminded by everyone that my English is pathetic. I keep saying to myself that am not an Englishman. Am always trying my level best to improve my language efficiency. I came across this wonderful poster and am amazed at the english used here.For once I thought that my english was the best.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

25. A reason to fail

I first flunked in my class 1 exams,when my answer to the mathematical question 1+1 =1 was not accepted by my class teacher. My explanation that one tiger plus one lion = one tigress was not accepted by her.

I again failed in class 1; This time in LOVE.My girlfriend Renu ditched me when i stuck bubble gum under her shoes.

Then I failed in urine test when i was in class three. The yello samples landed me in bed for a couple of months with jaundice. I had a royal treatment though.

I twice failed in bike-riding test because the person who conducted the test found me guilty of keeping my foot on the ground while performing the age-old act of tracing an 8 with the bike. Little did he know that reaching the ground with both my legs;that too with a tall bike like unicorn, was itself an herculine task for me.

The first time i tried knotting a tie, it looked like britney spears's miniskirt.

I have worn a T-shirt inside out for one whole friday at my workplace with everyone but me noticing it.

The other day during my engineering days, I tried plugging the both ends of the same wire to the plug board and the whole college did not have power supply for two days.

I tried copying some 25 times in exams all my life and I have never been successful even once.

I was so down thinking about all my failures when i came across this poster. Great words from a great man. Such humility is rare to find in the present day scenario.

Now I have a reason to fail and am proud of failing

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

24. Intra-View

Just came across this survey. Found it interesting.

Name:Prason Christopher Robin
Birthday:Friday the Thirteenth of the month of April
Birthplace:Coimbatore in Tamilnadu
Current Location:Oppice cubicle
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Brownish Black.. Am balding now
Height:Sachin Tendulkar and me have this in common.
Right Handed or Left Handed:Use both hands for specific reasons
Your Heritage:My nutty Nature.
The Shoes You Wore Today:Jordan..I have not changed my sox for the last 17 years
Your Weakness:Orkut
Your Fears:God
Your Perfect Pizza:let it fall. Then ill tell
Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year:Publish my book ," MEN DON'T CRY"
Your Most Overused Phrase On an instant messenger:OMG
Thoughts First Waking Up:Oh No.. I haveta take a bath again.
Your Best Physical Feature:My Tongue. It wags a lot
Your Bedtime:Flexi-Timings
Your Most Missed Memory:My MBA days. Sitting with my friends and talking non-stop
Pepsi or Coke:Sprite
MacDonalds or Burger King:KFC
Single or Group Dates:Not less than 4
Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea:Lipton
Chocolate or Vanilla:Chocks please
Cappuccino or Coffee:Black TEA..
Do you Smoke:Not anymore.. But my Bike still does it...
Do you Swear:It is said in the bible that i am not supposed to swear
Do you Sing:I guess so.
Do you Shower Daily:Ha Ha Ha..
Have you Been in Love:Always.. 1 corinthians 13
Do you want to go to College:Yes Yes Yes... I miss my college big time..
Do you want to get Married:Not ready to part with my Rib Bone in the near future
Do you belive in yourself:I do (am i confessing now?)
Do you get Motion Sickness:Well.. I am loving this survey now
Do you think you are Attractive:I gaze at my reflection for long hours.
Are you a Health Freak:Yes. I used to be a complan boy.
Do you get along with your Parents:100%.
Do you like Thunderstorms:No...
Do you play an Instrument:Guitar and mouthorgan.. Are they instruments?
In the past month have you Drank Alcohol:Yup.
In the past month have you Smoked:Been a Year
In the past month have you been on Drugs:Yup. I Had a paracetamol last week
In the past month have you gone on a Date:My desires conflict with what i deserve
In the past month have you gone to a Mall:Went to Big Bazar last night and bought a toothpick box
In the past month have you eaten a box of Oreos:Had Tiger Biscuits an hour back..
In the past month have you eaten Sushi:Yup. Two weeks back in China
In the past month have you been on Stage:Yup.. Sang along with GOO GOO DOLLS in China.. That was an amazing experience
In the past month have you been Dumped:I do not venture into any other's personal space. so No.
In the past month have you gone Skinny Dipping:Every day with Dolly in my bathtub. (Dolly is the name , i have given to my scrubpad)
In the past month have you Stolen Anything:I am very bad in stealing.
Ever been Drunk:Yes
Ever been called a Tease:Always. Gender Un-Biassed.
Ever been Beaten up:Thrashed to the core by my School teachers
Ever Shoplifted:No.
How do you want to Die:Can i skip this one?
What do you want to be when you Grow Up:I never grew up. Well~ someone, who always made others happy.
What country would you most like to Visit:I dunt wanna go out of India.. I am sick of travelling.
In a Boy/Girl..
Favourite Eye Color:Hazel
Favourite Hair Color:Black
Short or Long Hair:Depends on what suits that person.
Best Clothing Style:Modern yet modest.
Number of Drugs I have taken:2 ^ 34 * E^2.5
Number of CDs I own:Four Stacks
Number of Piercings:48 on my tendon.
Number of Tattoos:None;except for the boomer tattoos
Number of things in my Past I Regret:Life is a gud learning experience.



Tuesday, July 12, 2005

23. News from the future

My Dear Smilers!
Let us move forward... By twenty years... I would be forty five then...
My son would be in his teens and would be dating girls and also an avid reader of my blog and my daughter would be dating
Renu's Son in her school...
My wife would serve me coffee every morning in my bed and plant a kiss on my sexy Tonsured head ( Am Balding now)...
My dog would pick the newspaper all the way from the gate and drop it in my bed... I would then browse through the headlines in the n
ewspaper... Presenting to all my Blog readers, some of the headlines that I would be reading in the year 2027 A.D.

1) J.K Rowling completes the HP series with her 25th Book," Harry Potter weds monica lewinsky"

2)Mike Tyson bites Sylvester Stallone's Nose in the sets of Rocky IX

3)Sachin Tendulkar Says that he is fit and raring to Go in the home series against the mighty Bermuda

4)NASA finds urine samples in planet Mars.

5)Mandira Bedi elected as the new ICC chairman

6) Sharon Stone acts in a steamy scene with Daniel Radcliffe for basic instinct III ( I feel sorry for my son)
7) Amitabh Bachan to act as husband of Aish's daughter in the forthcoming movie " namak-kum"
8)Rakhi Sawant is the New Bihar Chief Minister
9) Gay marriages legalised in India.

10) M.F Hussain paints "Mulayam Singh Yadav", Nude.