Wednesday, September 24, 2003

9.It is hard to be a DAD

Being a DAD to a NUT is not an easy job(ask my dad). It requires loads of patience, mental strength(physical strength is not needed with cases like me,cos i'd pee in my pants with one scornful look itself).
I was very shy to say it; but yesterday when i told," happy daddy's day pops", he gave me an expression-less look.He never expected me to utter those words.

The nutty nature in me goes into a pause mode when ever i come across anything that has something to do with a DAD-SON relationship.Tears rolled down my smiling cheeks last night when i pondered over a few thoughts that came across my mind.
I dedicate five thoughts for that calm man who never ever asked me whether I love him or not.
1) The movie," Life is beautiful"- I see a Roberto Ben in my Dad
2) The tears, I saw in his eyes when I lost my leg( God is gracious that I am still walking). That was the first time i saw my dad crying
3) Those days when I used to hold his index finger when we go for our evening walks
4) The hug he gave me when i got a job.(That was the best Hug i had got from anyone)
5) The kid-in- him that comes to life when he plays withhis grandson ( my Nephew),"Jeremy".

Lost in 25 years of thoughts with my eyes welled up and a smile (not the nutty smile).

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

8.Why ME?

Why ME?
Flash Back:This is THE one million dollar question that is raking my brains ever since my first girlfriend ditched me when i was in my kindergarden..I cried for two continuous hours cos my kindergarden villain impressed her by writing all the 26 alphabets on the black slate and tuk her away from me. That was the moment ,i decided that i would become a writer when i grow up..The former might happen but the latter never happened
Why ME?
Flash Front: My firm is in the 5th floor of a seven storey building. I remember the first lift journey I had from Ground floor to 5th floor,when I joined my firm. As i entered the lift, no one was there.And the journey started. But before long, it came to a halt in the 1st floor.In came a Hot Girl clad in blue attire.She had her ID tagged around her neck. She pressed the button 6. I knew she was madly in love with me because she avoided eye contact with me, (a very shy girl indeed).I was eagerly trying to figure out her blood group in her ID card (I was not making any effort to find her name. Iam very innocent), cos If something happens to her , i should be in a position to donate blood and save her life.But she was so shy that she covered her id card with her hand. I knew that I was irresistable for her. Suddenly the lift stopped in 5th floor.I had to leave, and i could feel the vibes from her and she did not want me to leave the lift. But being a focussed man with a Great Goal, I moved on.
Why ME?
Flash Back: When i was in class 9, i fell in love with Renu for the umpteenth time. My nemesis,"Shabir" was out of contention because his interests were more focussed on another girl ," Begum Moharuneesa". So he never competed with me for Renu. But call it as a misfortune or a disaster of sorts, that my heart started drumming love beats for another girl,"Minu".I loved both these girls with the greatest ever commitment. After class hours, I used to spend time with Renu, when Minu was not around and I used to hang out with Minu, when Renu was not around.My friends used to warn me and tell me not to believe a girl in Love. The great lover within me never heeded to their warnings.Every one around knew that i was the unheralded Don Juan DeMarco of the campus.
But little did I know that both these girls knew each other well and they were scratching my back.I learnt my lesson not to believe girls in love. By the way did someone say something about TWO-TIMING? What is that? I am very innocent!
Why ME?