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Chronicwriter writes on various topics- humor, sports, movies, entertainment, philosophy rocket science and many more. He also writes a lot of articles on Practical Christianity. He owns 20 blogs and is a co author for another 20 blogs. In total, he writes in 40 different blog sites. He has published 4345 blog posts as on 20 July 2016 in a blog journey that started in 2003.

Ten of his personal blogs are listed below.

1. Spiritual Whip : A Christian blog that exposes how false preachers in Christianity exploit verses in the Bible for their own benefit. Read this blog only if you are grounded in the Biblical scripture

2. Bible Meditation Thoughts: This is a chapter by chapter exposition of the Bible by Chronicwriter based on his personal study and his discussions with his friends

3. Truth Finders Group: The details about Bible study sessions conducted by Watchmen Brothers (Chronicwriter is a part of this group)

4. Picture Scripture: Pictures speaks louder than words. Some pictorial representation of Biblical thoughts

5. Wrong Christian Beliefs: This is the author's personal take on certain christian beliefs that he thinks is wrong.

6. Fashion for Indian Men: This is the first of its kind blog exclusively for men. Why should girls have all the fun?

7. Famous Modern Artist: Chronicwriter is also a famous painter. Some of his world famous paintings are displayed in this blog

8. Original and Copy: A blog that explains why you should be careful when you copy

9. Poetry: A blog where the author shows his poor poetry skills

10. Pichuva Pakiri: Chronicwriter's Tamil blog

Now coming to the Blog that he treasures! The blog that he opened for his daughter Anya!! He will present this blog to her on her 12 birthday

Anya's Blog: [link]


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