Monday, August 09, 2021

1006. A recap of my life from 2019

For those who still visit my blog after all these years, I think it is high time that I bring you up to speed with updates from my end. I am now working for a company called Zoho, where I manage the marketing of a communication and collaboration app call Cliq.

On the personal front, my daughter Anya is in class 5. She is calm and composed all the time. My son Adam is two years old and he has got my instincts. He is a brat. My wife Joan is the pillar at home.

I tried my hand in independent music in the year 2019 and I was successful to an extent. I was happy that I could do a few gigs and shows in Chennai. Then the pandemic came and drove us all indoors. 

Lost many friends and family members in may 2021 to Covid. So that was a lean phase in our life. Thankful to be alive and breathing.

I am planning to release a few songs on spotify. The gospel quartet I am part of - Fisher four is very much active and we release songs once in a while. I am kinda active on instagram, clubhouse and on LinkedIn these days. Not that much active on Facebook. I go to FB only to post family pictures and happenings form my life from time to time. I don't really take efforts to engage in conversations on FB.

I realised that I have not updated my blog for quite sometime and hence decided to update this with a recap of what's happening in my life since the year 2019. And if you had forgotten how I look now, here is a picture of mine taken this morning after my morning walk. Yes i have to shave

- Chronicwriter