Wednesday, June 09, 2021

1004. The game with two girls

I started watching the game of football as a kid and I was a big fan of the Brazilian team. Romario and Ronaldo the phenomenon were my favourite footballers. I have also been playing EA FIFA for many years. When I joined Zoho, the foosball tables in the campus caught my attention. The first thing I wanted to do was showcase to my team mates, my football knowledge on the foosball table. 

I convinced a couple of them to join me to play foosball. However the tables were always occupied by our employees during lunch hours. Some players literally spent their entire day honing their foosball skills. We finally got a table to play after waiting for two whole weeks. Aravind, Rohit, Zaheer and I played a friendly game. Though none of us had played foosball before, Aravind got lucky because I was his partner. We won the game easily.

It is no fun to play friendly games like that and hence we decided to find new opponents to play high intensity games. The very next day, we found no one at the table. Aravind and I, immediately took positions. I taught him the nuances of spinning and curving the ball. Aravind was privileged to listen to the tricks of the trade from the master himself.

Two girls were watching us from a distance. After sometime they gathered some courage to approach us and ask if they could play against us. We readily agreed. Aravind asked me to be gentle with them. I told him that's not gonna happen as we have to be ruthless when it comes to competitive sport (The spirit of the bad coach from Karate Kid 3 had possessed me).

A small crowd gathered to watch us play and that is all that we needed. The game started, and with one flick, I scored the first goal. Aravind looked at me with awe. Soon it was a goal fest and after a barrage of goals the final score read 10-1. Debanjali and Harshni buried us with the worst thrashing we had received till then. Aravind and I felt like Kaipulla being surrounded by Kattadurai and his goons. 

In future, when all this Covid19 madness disappears and when things come back to normalcy, we will all be back in the campus. And if we ever happen to go near the foosball table, make sure that we stay away from Debanjali and Harshni because they don't have any heart.

கல் மனசு படைத்தவர்கள்.
கெஞ்சுனோம், கதறுனோம்.
ஆனாலும் துளி அளவு கூட இரக்கம் காட்டாமல் எங்களை துவைத்தெடுத்து காய போட்டவர்கள் அவர்கள்.

Be Careful.

எங்கள சொல்லிகிட்டோம்.