Friday, December 18, 2020

1002. How to wear a veshti. Simplest and fastest method

The simplest and fastest method to wear a veshti is explained here. You can wear a veshti in just a few seconds if you follow this method. I have included a secret formula for the non-Tamilians to follow. 

These days the ottiko kattiko type of veshtis have become popular. They come with a pocket. but the thick velcro makes it difficult for everyone while sitting and eating in marriage functions. Vayiraara saapda mudiyaadhunga.  The best veshtis are the traditional veshtis. 

Veshtis also help in reducing thoppais.

I am trying to teach this technique to popularise and bring veshti back to fashion. All those who think that shorts or boxers are comfortable wears, just try wearing a veshti. You will realise how comfortable it is. If you follow this technique, you won't need to wear a belt too. 

Practice these four steps a couple of times and you are ready to go. Try it out and let me know if you found this method useful.

- Chronicwriter

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