Wednesday, August 26, 2020

999. How Rose saved Jack's life.

 If you have seen the movie Titanic, you would have seen how a rich girl Rose drowned and killed a poor boy Jack by not giving him space on a plank. I don't like sad endings like that. So I decided to save Jack through my version of Titanic. For a change ducks became actors for my movie. The storyboard for the movie is ready and here are some clicks from the movie.

By advising Jack to mind his own business, Rose finally saves Jack's life. Additionally she made it sure that he becomes popular too by appearing in the same photograph along with the actor in the picture.


Tuesday, August 25, 2020

998. Doordarshan and Tom Sawyer

Second Saturday nights of a month were movie nights at our house when I was a kid. Back then in Doordarshan, an English movie would be played at 10 pm. My sister and I would wait for second Saturdays to watch the English movies. In Hindu news paper, the fourth page would have details about programs that would be screened that week. We would always check the name of the movies that were about to be screened that week. My dad would enquire among his friends and his cousins whether the movies can be watched along with the family. Back then they were the ones who would give him an idea about parental guidance in those movies.

I remember watching “Enter the dragon” on one of those Saturday nights and when BruceLee’s friend gets a back massage, dad got up and switched off the TV and asked us to go to sleep. I did not the see the famous mirror fight scene at the end. I was 8 years old then. Once we also watched the 1953 Titanic movie. We could not watch the movie fully too because it involved a lot of kissing scenes. Do you get reminded of the priest from the movie Cinema Paradiso? My dad was definitely his replica.

What made me write this blog post is the movie Tom Sawyer. The movie which was released in 1938 is a cult classic. I watched the movie in the year 1990 as an 8 year old kid. Lights were switched off in the drawing room. Two grass mats were spread in the drawing room. Pillows were scattered and a couple of bedsheets joined. 

My mom would make rasna juice and we would gorge on kadala muttai and tapioca chips. Dad and mom would be sitting on the sofa and we would all be watching the movie. Sometimes I would sleep halfway through the movie itself. My dad would call out my name and ask me if I was still awake. I would immediately say “Yes, I am watching the movie”. If he finds me sleeping, he would switch off the TV and it would be bedtime for us. 

Last Saturday, when I was browsing through YouTube for videos, I chanced upon the movie Tom Sawyer. I decided to introduce Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn to my eight year old daughter. So we switched off the lights, surrounded us with pillows and watched the movie on my laptop. I was literally screaming when I saw Tom Sawyer, Aunt Polly, Becky and little Jim. 

I became an 8 year old again. Reminded me of the Lalitha jewellery ad where a mother becomes a daughter and the daughter becomes her mother. My daughter loved the movie. I am planning to introduce her to “Oshin”, a series that was dear to me when I was as a child.