Sunday, April 19, 2020

997. Is lockdown the new normal?

Things are not the same anymore. I have worked from home many a days in my work life. But the WFH that happens these days during the lockdown is entirely different. All of us are staying indoors.

The board games that were popular when I was little are resurfacing in my life. Chess, Chinese Checkers, ludo, snakes and ladders, deck of cards, aadu puli aatam are some games that have come back into our life.

Doordarshan is literally taking us back to the 80s and 90s by telecasting serials that were once popular.

This picture that you see here is the classic WFH setup for me. We all work from the same room. My daughter will be busying painting or reading something. The little man who is sleeping here leaves the room in peace as long as he sleeps. Once he wakes up, everything goes for a toss. I have to literally run away and find a secluded place in the house so that I can handle the conference calls in peace.

But again, I am not alone, This is the same case with many households. So during our conference calls, we also get a glimpse of how my colleagues behave with their better halves, children and with their parents. Corona has opened our eyes to tiny things. Things that we overlooked in the past are now becoming important for us.

I seriously have no clue on how long this lockdown will continue, nor do I have any idea on how long it will take till normalcy returns. Or this whole new lifestyle might be the new normal and we might have to be ready to live with it too.