Friday, August 09, 2019

995. How did I end up looking like a peacock

Those who know me know very well that I always get my hair cut at my favorite barber shop. A hair cut would just cost Rs 70 for me because I am a loyal customer. I would get another 30 bucks and ask him to massage my hair too.

Today I felt like trimming my hair. Instead of troubling my regular barber, I decided to try a high end salon. After checking through the ratings and customer reviews I zeroed to a stylish salon.

As soon as I entered the salon, I told the hair dresser (Note the tone change from barber to hair dresser) to trim my hair. He took me to a hair stylist who looked at my face for a few seconds and told some technical stuff to the hair dresser. The hair dresser winked at him and took me to the chair. 

I did not know that I would be constrained to the chair for the next 4 hours. It all started well. He sprayed some water on my face and wiped it with a tissue paper. And started cutting my hair. While cutting my hair, he started a conversation with me. I should have kept quiet. He told me about his life, his music interest and his career ambition and I told him I was into marketing. He took that one word as a cue and started showing his sales side.

The first temptation was, 'Sir, you should also go in for a clean shave". He showed a new imported shaving gel and told that they have the latest 6 blade shaver. I fell for it. So after the hair trimming was done, the shaving had already commenced. While shaving, he pointed a couple of blackheads on my nose and started talking about the bad weather. I joined with him and contributed my understanding on how we have put a hole in the ozone layer. This is where he showcased his sales skills by telling me that I should try a de-tan pack on my face which will make my face shine and glow like Vijay Devarkonda. Angadhaan I slipped a little. I said okay.

The next one hour was spent on de-tanning my face and before I realized my face was undergoing golden facial treatment. Fork, iron needle and and tweezers  were used on my face. I was undergoing pain and when the facial was done, he asked me if I would like to color my hair.

I had not learnt my lesson yet. I was already feeling like a zombie after spending 3 hours on the chair. Another one hour was spent on coloring my hair. Finally when everything was over, I looked at myself in the mirror only to realize that I looked like Naai Sekar with short hair. Now don't ask me to upload my picture. I don't want to show "saavu bayam" to you. Let this pain die with me.

Don't ask me how much I spent for all this. I could have bought an electric guitar with that money. When I was leaving the salon, the guy told me " Come next month sir, We will try keratin treatment for you". Naaan dhaan avanukku vaaitha adimainu mudivey pannitaan. I smiled at him and said "Podhu sir. Valikudhu' and I walked slowly out of the salon. 

While going back home, I had to cross my regular barber shop. He was there. I smiled at him and he did not recognize me. With tears I reached home and started typing this blog post. I have tears as I type this post.