Wednesday, July 17, 2019

994.IGLOO | 2019 Zee5 Movie review

I don't write movie reviews in my page. This is supposed to be a humour page. But sometimes I break free from the humor tag when I feel the need to write a review like this. The movie Igloo has made me take this detour. Watch this 2 minute trailer before reading my views on this flick

The movie opens in a hill station where Shiva (Amzath Khan) a single parent lives with his twin daughters, Aishu and Vaishu. When Vaishu meets with an accident and slips into coma, he talks to her about his emotional journey with his wife, Ramya (Anju Kurien) who battled for her life during her pregnancy. 

Who should watch this movie?

If you love your better-half watch this movie. If you hate your better-half you should definitely watch this movie.

Why should we watch this movie?

This movie showcases the importance of life in a poignant manner. Keep tissue rolls ready while watching.

Okay! A little bit about the storytelling

Music thaarumaaru. Arrol corelli is one name you will be hearing often from now on. Story telling is detailed. So do not watch this movie in multitasking mode. You need to spend time to get into the movie. The detailing is pretty good. 

The Hero Amzath has excelled in his role as a husband and as a father. He would surely be responsible for you saying "Who is cutting onions now" at least on three instances in this movie. 

Those who have lost a loved one to terminal illness might relive some of their deepest agony moments. The kids Vaishu and Aishu are cute. Bugs (Bagavathi Perumal) has a small role to play in this movie as Amzath's friend. Anju Kurien has done a decent job. Bharath Mohan, the movie director has chiseled an emotional kaaviyam in a neat manner. 

Movie lovers who watch films in theatres might miss this movie as it is streaming on Zee5. But you can still watch it.

How to watch this movie?

You can watch this movie in Zee5 App. It is as cheap as Rs 49 for one month viewing.


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  1. Chrony on an (real) emotional mode.... this happens once every decade. This has gotta be a must-watch, this one.


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