Thursday, May 09, 2019

990. The guy who wrote the Uppuma song

5-5-2019 was a special day. When my mom told me that she was gonna make uppuma the next day morning, I wrote the Uppuma song. In fact I asked her to record the song with me. She asked me to sing alone. 

Now in a few days time, that song has become a rage and I have been getting calls from TV channels for interviews. Some friends also called me up on the phone posing themselves as media representatives to troll me. Usharaayitein.

Two days ago I was shopping in a supermarket in Tambaram, Chennai. A young couple stood behind me in the counter. This was their conversation

The guy:  I think this is the uppuma guy ( They were talking in Malayalam)
The girl:  No I don't think so. That guy had a french beard but this guy does not have.

I was literally screaming from within trying to tell them that I was the same guy. Just because I shaved my beard off does not mean that it was not me. Then I got an idea. I did not want to cut into their conversation. In that uppuma video, my left pinky finger would be visible. What stands out is the fact that I wear my ring in the pinky finger and not in the ring finger. So I stretched out my hand and yawned and tried to show my finger to them. They did not seem to notice. So I even used my other hand to play with my ring finger. But still they did not notice.

They finally concluded that I was a look alike and not the uppuma guy. I bought the stuff from the supermarket and walked away with a heavy heart. 

From now onward I will only walk around with a french beard, coolers and a hooded shirt



  1. Hey It was awesome I enjoyed watching that coz I hate Uppuma sing many more like this ... Actly I got Addicted to that song the very first day,and sent to many more to enjoy ...God bless you

  2. Yey!!!! U look hot with a frenchie, dude. Romba fierce and gangsta!! Bhag.. bhag... bhag...
    Aaya sher, aaya sher!

  3. I donno why I feel so happy reading this. Just minutes ago I was having a mental breakdown. Thank you uppuma guy. I'm gonna go check out your song now😄


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