Wednesday, February 06, 2019

986. Sitting next to a girl in the class room

It was tough being in love in school days, especially when the girl you love is extremely beautiful. Renu was a drop dead gorgeous girl. I fell in love with her during my Kindergarten days. All the guys were crazy about her. Shabir was my nemesis.

Those who know about my Renu story would know all this. What I am about to write here is a secret that only Renu and I share. I am letting this secret after almost 30 years.

I still remember the incident as though it just happened yesterday. It was September 1990. I was preparing for my 4th standard quarterly exams. I was deeply in love with Renu and she was as usualy confused between saying yes to me and Shabir.

Three students will be sitting in one bench in the class rooms. It would always be three boys in one bench or three girls in one bench. In some benches 2 boys and 1 girl or 2 girls and 1 boy will be seated; but care would be taken to make sure that the lone girl or boy is not in the middle.

We had a notorious craft teacher called Miss Sophie who loved to punish the students by beating them with a wooden ruler. I have already written about her here [link] In addition to being a witch (which she really was), she would also make us run errands for her.

Shabir got into her good books  by helping her with grocery shopping. Miss Sophie had a notorious way of punishing us with a wooden ruler. When a group of parents complained to the school management about her rowdyism, she decided to change her punishment tactics.

Her new way of giving punishment was to make the wrong doer sit between students of the opposite gender. She thought by making a boy sit between two girls, the boy would be ashamed of his mistake and stop committing mistakes. She was wrong because I loved this punishment. I started committing crimes and often ended sitting between Renu and Minu.

I would sit next to Renu and admire her in class. Renu would be looking at the black board listening to the teacher. I would be looking at Renu with some jollu running down my face. Shabir soon understood that I was being naughty on purpose only to sit next to Renu. So, he too copied this trick of mine and started sitting between girls.

Miss Sophie did not have brains to match up with her brawny nature and hence did not know that Shabir and I were competing in an Olympic of sorts, just to sit next to Renu. But Renu figured it out and complained to Miss Sophie. I still do not know why Renu behaved that way. She would talk well with me, but still complained to the teacher. It was difficult to analyse what goes in a girl's mind.

So Miss Sophie changed her punishment style. The next time I was naughty in class, she made me to go and stand outside the class. Now this was actual fun for me because I was able to watch the other kids play in the playground. But that also meant that Shabir was able to spend more time inside the class and foster his relationship with Renu.

Only when Renu started laughing and giggling at his lousy jokes did I realize that he was winning the battle against me in our quest to win her heart. But was my realization too late? Stay tuned


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