Sunday, February 18, 2018

943. I was Captain Haddock or Tintin

When I was in class five, I had a habit of sleeping under the bed with Tintin comics. The book " The Red Sea Sharks" was my favorite because it was the only Tintin book I had.

My folks inculcated reading habit in me at a very young age. Tinkle, Archie comics, Enid Blyton series, Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys were a part of my childhood.

Tintin was my favorite of them all because I loved Captain Haddock's curses "Ten thousand thundering typhoons and Billions of Bilious blue barnacles". I added his curses in my vocabulary and used it with my friends. None of them understood them.

On weekends, I would use my dad's black shoe polish and draw a beard on my face and become Captain Haddock. When my dad hid his shoe polish, I had no other option but attempt a mohawk hairstyle and become Tintin himself.

My pet dog Bubbly would become Snowy and we will have great adventures in our home by climbing walls and trees only to receive constant complaints from neighbors.

No other book had the power to transport me to another world. But the  Belgian cartoonist Herge's artistic skills almost made me picture myself as one of the characters in the book.

I have never got bored reading that one book again and again. It reached a point where my parents would hide that book during exam time. Tintin, the reporter would investigate in different countries and the cartoonist Herge would transport the reader to that particular country with his detailed cartoons.

I have not touched this book in the last 15 years. But I know that this book will be on my bookshelf in my father's house. When I go to my hometown during the next vacation, I will once again, take this book out, smell the papers and relive my childhood days.


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