Friday, February 09, 2018

941. I was thrashed because I loved Renuka Sahane

When I was 10 years old, I started developing a crush on Renuka Sahane of Surabhi Fame. Surabhi was a lovely program which was telecasted in Doordarshan in the early nineties. I used to wait for every Sunday to watch this program. 

During those days robbers used a new strategy of using small kids to steal valuables from houses. Seeing my ever increasing habit of staying up late to watch Surabhi, my parents came up with a new rule at home. 

The new rule shattered my love into bits and pieces as the rule did not permit me to stay awake after 9.30 pm. I was banished to my room every night after 9.30 pm. So I missed my favorite programs - "world this week, Oshin, Byomkesh Bakshi and of course Surabhi”. 

But my love for Renuka would often make me sneak into the drawing room where I would hide behind the French window curtains and watch Surabhi. On one such occasion, my dad happened to see my leg under the curtains. 

He took me for a robber. Being a brave man unlike me, he jumped from the couch like Tarzan and landed in front of the curtain, wrapped me around along with the curtain and what happened after that was pure disaster.

No one has ever thrashed me like that in my life. Maybe he too might have had a crush on Renuka.(My Mom reads my blogs too)


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