Wednesday, February 07, 2018

939. Bajaj Sunny and the girls who were crazy about me

I was doing my final year of Engineering (2002) when this photo was clicked. My dad bought this bike for my sister. But I was the one who used it most of the time. If you have used this bike, you can relate to this post. 

Bajaj Sunny was the elder sister of Scooty. She came into the market which was ruled by Kinetic Honda. When Bajaj Sunny came into the Indian market, all the girls who were riding a BSA SLR or LadyBird bicycle immediately upgraded themselves to this bike. My sister belonged to that category. It was purely a ladies bike.

It was nothing more than a bicycle with a motor attached to it. You could call it a hybrid version of a moped. With the speedometer having a max limit of 80 kmph, the Bajaj Sunny could reach supersonic speeds of 40 kmph. Whenever the needle hit 40 kmph, the handle will start to gyrate. The bike had a plastic body.

My parents had a policy of not giving me the bike till I got my license. However, the same rule was not applicable for my sister. Women had their way with things and they had their say in decisions at my house.

I would feel like Arnold from Terminator while riding this bike. I would visualise that the babes in our hometown were crazy about my riding skills. Every evening, I would wear a cooler (The one that I bought for Rs 20/- from Kanyakumari) and ride the bike. Stylenu nenachuttu Piles vandhavan maadhiri I will sit on the bike and ride. Not even a fly or crow would look at me.

My Dad was noticing my behaviour for some time. My sister, mom and dad secretly conspired against me and sold the bike without my knowledge. They knew how to nip my romantic thoughts in the bud.


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