Saturday, February 03, 2018

937. The Great Wall of India

How would you feel if you are selected as a replacement for one of the finest left-handers of your time (Vinod Kambli) only to be labelled by the media as a slow cricketer lacking the flamboyance of the left-hander you replaced?

How would you feel when you score two magnificent hundreds in your very first world cup appearance but someone else gets the accolades on both occasions?

In his first world cup appearance (1999), he scored two hundreds against Kenya and SriLanka; but in both these matches, another cricketer took the honours. In the match against Kenya even though he scored 104, every one praised Sachin for the 140 runs he scored two days after his father's death.  In the match against SriLanka, he scored a brilliant 145. But Ganguly was the man of that match for his brilliant 183 in that match.

How would you feel when you have to become the wicketkeeper of the team and end up being criticised by the media because you are not a natural wicketkeeper?

How would you feel when you become the Captain of the Indian Cricket team but an idiotic coach (Greg Chappel) does not allow you take decisions?

How would you feel if even after playing for 16 years for the country, you always end up playing second fiddle to Tendulkar?

How would you feel when you eventually become a coach of the Indian Under 19 team and make them stronger in every department only for them to choke in the finals against a weak West Indian team in the finals?

Many would have called it quits. But this man still had faith in what he loved the most. He made sure that the boys won the 2018 U19 world cup, that too in style.

Take a bow! Rahul Dravid. You always stand tall. You are the cricketer we wanted, but not the one we deserved because we always took you for granted.

If 2011 World Cup win was dedicated for Sachin, the 2018 World Cup win is surely a dedication for the Great Wall of India - Rahul Dravid.

- Chronicwriter

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  1. When Sehwag, Sachin and Ganguly gave away their wickets, we turned off the TV. Switching it on a bit later, only to find Dravid and Yuvraj, stiching up the tattered batting. In tests, Dravid and Laxman were the humble foot soldiers who were ready to face the trench warfare of fast bowling. No matter how big articles we write or read, we fail to encapsulate the wonder that is Dravid.


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