Monday, January 29, 2018

933. Tamannaah Bhatia attacked with a shoe

Tamannah Bhatia was invited to inaugurate a jewellery store in Hyderabad. While she was about to inaugurate the store, a 31-year-old BTech graduate from an unknown Engineering college hurled his slippers (read as shoe) at her.

His aim was as bad as Ishant Sharma's throw at the stumps as the slippers missed her and hit a salesperson. The terrorist was immediately nabbed by the Police. Apparently, he was unhappy with her acting it seems.

The slippers he hurled at her was handed over by the salesperson who was at the receiving end of the poor throw. Forensic reports revealed that the brand name of the slippers was Paragon. Samantha is the official brand ambassador of Paragon. 

I have a doubt that Samantha might be behind this terrorist attack. Tamanna pipped Samantha for the infamous role in Bahubali. Hence Samantha might have tried to take revenge by using a 31-year-old BTech graduate. 

I have to draw the attention of my readers to the fact that Osama Bin Laden also was a BTech graduate and he became a terrorist when he was 31. We can draw many parallels to this terror attack and some sources have privately revealed to us that the Illuminati is also behind this attack. As our source is a board member of the Illuminati network, she did not want to be named.

Six months ago, in Stockholm, at the Summerburst festival 2017, Justin Bieber had a shoe thrown at him because he could not remember the lyrics to Spanish single, "Despacito". That song is Tamannah's favourite song too. Kaniyan Poongundran has contacted Chronicwriter office and said that Bieber also might have some role in this fiasco.

In 2011, Tamannah also won the Kalaimamani award. Our team of detectives are trying to see if this incident has any connection to that award. Chronicwriter condemns this attack.


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