Wednesday, November 29, 2017

920. Idli Mondays

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The breakfast menu at home was standard during my childhood. My mom would make idlis on Mondays. I used to hate Mondays not just because of school, but also because of the idlis I was supposed to have for breakfast.

We always had Idli for breakfast on Mondays. I detested them like how many Americans hate the Donald of America. My mother would force me to eat 4 idlis. The most common reaction from me would be a duck face and I would make weird sounds to indicate that I was about to throw up. 

My mom would scream from the kitchen saying that If I vomited the idlis, I would have to still eat them from the floor. All the vomit would immediately put reverse gear and go back inside and rest inside my small intestine.

My mom tried all means to make me eat those dreaded idlis. Sambhar, coconut chutney, groundnut chutney, onion chutney, tomato thokku, sugar and ghee, honey, fish curry, chicken and mutton curry were some of the side dishes that she tried to make me fall in love with idli. But I still hated idlis.

When mom was not seeing me, I would throw the idlis out of the window. But soon she figured out I was doing this when the neighbor lady poattu koduthufied this to my mom. From then on, my mom would shut the window in the dining room to block access for the idlis to trespass in the neighbour's premises.

After that, I started sneaking three idlis into my shorts pocket and after eating one Idli, I would rush to the loo and flush the remaining Idlis down the toilet. But back in those days the Indian toilets sometimes used to act funny. One black Monday, the Idlis clogged the toilet bowl and I was caught. It was the year 1992 and I was in class 5. That is when my pet dog Bubbly came into our lives. He came in like an angel in my life. He would eat all the Idlis I accidentally dropped under the table.

Days passed by and soon I entered college and I was introduced to the college hostel Idli. That is when I realized that the Idlis that were made by mom at home was actually a delicacy. But it was too late of a realization for me. When I was in Singapore for almost 3 years, I had to literally pay close to 7 Singapore Dollars to eat a plate of Idli. Incidents like these taught me the great lesson that home food is the best food in the world and nothing can beat mother's cooking.

Yes, I had Idli for breakfast this Monday too. My wife made it. I ate it with mutton curry. It was nice


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