Monday, November 06, 2017

919. The story behind inky pinky ponky

Inky Pinky Ponky 
Father Had a Donkey
Donkey Died Father Cried
Inky Pinky Ponky

All of us would have sung this rhyme at some point of our lives. This rhyme has helped us to take vital decisions in our life.

I used this rhyme when I gave my CAT exams in 2004. When I looked at the question paper, I was literally in tears as I could not decipher anything in that paper. So I resorted to Inky Pinky Ponky and marked all the answers. Eventually I scored good marks and got into a good B school too.

We have used this rhyme to accurately find the farting culprit in our class too. It failed miserably once when I was chosen as the culprit when someone else farted. It was not an embarrassing moment for me. But owning someone else's part was like making me own someone else's belonging. I still have my doubts on Santhosh.

Talking about Santhosh, he used this rhyme to choose Sandhya over Meena. When Meena cried, he stood there grinning without any remorse. After four years of loving Sandhya, she eventually ditched him and married someone else. Santhosh's gmail password is "s@ndhy@140682"

Do you guys know the story behind this rhyme? If you do not know it, this blog will give you the answer. 

A man had three daughters - Inky, Pinky and Ponky. His wife passed away while giving birth to Ponky. These three girls were beautiful girls. The porukki fellows in the town started eve teasing these girls all the time. Hence the father bought a donkey to protect the girls. Once when a guy followed Pinky, the donkey kicked him between his legs and performed vasectomy for him. You can see the guy in the above picture. Soon the news started spreading across the city. The guy's father was so angry that he poisoned the donkey and killed it. As soon as the father of the three girls heard that the donkey had died, he cried bitterly. He was finally left with the three girls. 

The rhyme narrates the tragic story of three girls and their donkey. When William Shakespeare wrote this rhyme, he literally cried when he finished writing this poem. Historical findings reveal that the three girls went on to marry "Tom, Dick and Harry". After all it is not a sad ending. The three couples lived happily ever after.

Note: I searched every where for the story. I could not find it. Hence I decided to create history; because varalaaru matters prime minister. (Modiya sollala)

- Chronicwriter


  1. Chronicwriter

    I'm reading you after ages I think and the feeling is no different...!!! The story behind the famous rhyme was so attractive...and reading it left no regrets..!!

  2. Nice ;P

    But there are two girls and a guy on the donkey.

  3. The one on the bank is their father?😜

  4. I'm sorry but this is not true. I made it up in 1952 in hemel Hempstead, England as part of a ball game. I think I must have heard the song inky pinky pinky poo and borrowed the first three words. I liked the alliteration of daddy, donkey and died: there was no complicated back story. How it became so popular in India is a mystery to me although I'm glad it made people happy


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