Friday, November 03, 2017

917. The science behind Burps

A Jelly fish's mouth is also its anus. So throwing up and pooping are similar activities for a jelly fish. What is more weird to notice is the fact that the burp of a jelly fish is also its fart. 

At least for human beings we can differentiate between a fart and a burp. My friend Anand used to say that a fart is a burp that forgot its direction. 

Do you know that a person can let out a silent fart; but cannot burp silently. This makes us arrive at the much important question 

" Does Jelly fish fart silently?" 

If the answer is yes, then would not it also mean that it is a silent burp? So going by the principle that one cannot let out a silent burp, we can conclude that jelly fish cannot fart silently. 

Talking about Burps, my classmate Santhosh's burp stinks so much that we always have a doubt whether he farted or burped. 

As burps always come out with a noise, he was never able to blame it on any one else too. He got caught all the time. 


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