Tuesday, October 24, 2017

913. Rasathi, Hotel California and Country Roads.

If you had read this blog, you would have known that our band performed a few western classic songs at Aegam Decor Cafe. We did not do a video recording of the performance. But our friends who came to the cafe did record some songs on their mobile phones. Presenting to you three songs that we sang that evening.

Seraph is my sister and she sang Atlast, Feeling good, words, Hotel California Valerie and few other classic songs. I covered Lucky lips, Bachelor boy, Diana, Ten guitars and my own composition. We also sang a couple of duets that included "Country roads". You can listen to that song in the above video. 

Many would argue saying that Hotel California is a satanic song. I have done enough background work to know the authenticity of that claim and when I was strong in my conviction that it was not a satanic song, we decided to sing the song. 

I also ended up covering my favorite Tamil band "Kurangan's song - Rasathi". Infact I killed it (literally kola pannitein) with my own add ons. I hope Kaber and Tenma don't thuppufy on me for ruining their song ( The video opens with that song).

Do check the video. I warn you that this is just a compilation of clips taken from mobile phones. So do not expect a 4K quality from it.


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