Wednesday, September 20, 2017

908. Aarav and the condom pack

A few days ago,my friend Ravi (name changed on purpose because he is my friend on Facebook too) invited me to his house for lunch .  So here I was sitting in the living room of his house and watching TV, when his 6 year old son Aarav (name changed again) came up to me with a rubber ball. This is how our conversation went

Aarav: Uncle please play with me
Me: Okay. Go stand there. I will throw the ball at you
Aarav: Okay catch this ball
Me: Oops! You have a powerful arm. That throw was fast
Aarav: Haha! Yes uncle! I know. I am stronger than my dad too

Ravi was sitting in the same room and talking on the phone. His wife, Sheela (name changed)  came out of the kitchen,  stared at her son and said "How many times have I told you not to play with a ball in the living room?" 

Suddenly the room was silent. I sat there with folded hands thinking if she was giving a hint to me that she did not like my presence in the house? 

May be she did not like her husband's friends or may be she did not like me. When these thoughts were running in my head, she turned to me and said " Anna! don't take me wrong. I was only shouting at Aarav and its not about you". 

That sentence created more doubts in my head. Aarav ran inside and soon brought a box of crayons

Aarav: Uncle color this note book along with me
Me: Ok! What do you want to color
Aarav: Let us color this whale
Me: Ok! Take this blue colour crayon and fill it

Sheela again came out of the kitchen and said "Anna, Don't encourage him to draw a blue whale and all. I have heard it is a dangerous game". In the space of five minutes, Sheela had stopped her son from progressing forward with his activities. I kinda agreed with her on the first condition because she might have thought that the ball might break some glass items in the room. But the blue whale connection did not sink into my head at all.

Ravi was still on a phone call. What kind of friend would invite me to his house for lunch and make me sit in the living room and be on the phone all the time? Do you know any friends like this makkale? To add salt to the injury, his wife also curbed her son from playing with me. 

Aarav: Uncle, let us play memory game
Me: What is that?
Aarav: We use playing cards to play this game
Me: Okay bring it

Aarav runs inside and shouted in a loud voice "Amma! Did you see my playing cards?" to which her mom replied " No I don't know. Search in Dad's cupboard". Little Aarav was busy searching for the playing card deck and there was silence for sometime. After some time Aarav came running to the living room with a pack of condoms and said " What is this uncle?" Sheela also came out of the kitchen at the same time and she was embarrassed big time.

Aarav: But Amma! What is that?
Aarav: What medicine amma?

She rushed back into the kitchen. Ravi was still on the phone not even realizing what had just happened at his house. Aarav kept the condom pack inside and came out and sat next to me and watched cartoon network along with me. During lunch time, we all ate in silence. Ravi was finally off the phone; but he did not know why his wife never came out of the kitchen; nor did he know why I was eating without saying a word. I was controlling my laughter. 

Little Aarav also does not know what medicine that was! May be he knows.


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