Thursday, September 07, 2017

906. My favorite politician Valarmathi's video

I was binge watching my favorite Politician Valarmathi's videos on Youtube when I came across this particular video. What caught my attention was the title of the video.

Valarmathi Chief Minister Jayalalithaa's granddaughter's name atop the smell video tribute.

The apostrophes in the title are used correctly. So the entire sentence would not be wrong. I realized that there is a much deeper meaning hidden in that sentence.

It could be a code for the future generations.  There are four gentlemen and four soft ladies in the picture. My favorite politician may be rough on the outside. But she is soft like cotton candy on the inside.

Certain codes should not be decoded. The specialty of those codes are that they should remain a mystery.  This title also belongs to such a category. Hence I have decided not to do any research on the code; but just immerse myself in its presence (Aaraiya koodaadhu; Anubavikkanum).

Even if you happen to find the meaning of the sentence, I request you to keep the meaning with yourself. Adichu kooda ketpaanga. Veliyila sollidaadheenga.


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