Wednesday, July 26, 2017

894. Pinja Pal Mam said "Good"

So it was "dress up like a working professional" day for Anya at School last Monday. She came to me and said that she had to go to school wearing a doctor's dress. So the night before that (Sunday) I rushed to the near by shop and bought a white lab coat for children. We wrote some lines for her to speak too.

She was told to go to the front and say "I am Doctor Anya". Then she was supposed to walk up to her class teacher and say "How are you?". And then she was taught to use her stethoscope to check her Ma'm.

Joan: What if the teacher says that she is fine? Should Anya still check her with a stethoscope
Me: Yes. She should; because the patient sometimes will not know that they are not fine. So it is the doctor's duty to check her even if the patient says that she is fine

Then we taught Anya to scribble "two tablets" in a post-it note. To make it more authentic, we asked Anya to scribble some gibberish in the paper. Then we handed over a box of tic tac and told her to give two tic tacs ( tablets) to her mam. The next moment Anya started practicing her Doctor skills on me, my wife, grandpa and grandmother.

The pencil was placed at the top left pocket
The post-it note pad was placed in the bottom left pocket
The tic tac box was placed in the bottom right pocket

After a few practice routines, Anya started behaving like a doctor itself. When we were not noticing her, she even ate some tic tac sweet pellets. The next day morning she woke up early and soon got dressed up as a doctor.

When she arrived at school, her classmates were in different attire. Some were cops, some were nurses, some were teachers and there were many doctors. Anya even had a face mask to appear like a professional doctor. The kids started talking with each other and before Anya could react, the kids found the tic tac box in her pocket and they asked her to give them one each. Being the generous girl she is, Anya started distributing tic tac pellets to her friends and soon it was over.

Her time to speak in front of the mic came and Anya did her job. The tablets were not there to give. So she left that part. A few teachers had congratulated her it seems. When I met her in the evening she said "Appa Pinja Pal mam said that I did good". I was shocked. Pinja pal in tamil means "Torn Tooth". One of her teachers had lost her teeth and I thought Anya was making fun of her. 

I decided to counsel her not to refer to her teacher that way and when I approached her to advice her, my wife stopped me on my tracks and said "Do you know who Pinja Pal mam is?". I told her that I was not sure. 

"She is not making fun of any ma'm. She is just saying that Principal ma'm congratulated her. So please don't jump the gun".
 Note: I have the practice session talk captured on video. I shall upload it soon.


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  1. Pinja pal mam - if she sees this will pinjify your pal.


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