Saturday, May 13, 2017

881. That Bodhai when you get record post views.

I have been in Quora writing answers on sports and this happened.

I know that this would be a jujubi matter for Quora experts and they would say"What is so special about this?"

For a die hard Sachin fan (I know many my age would be), writing something about Sachin gives me a lot of happiness and to get such a reception for the answer I wrote about him has taken me to murunga maram top.

Read my answer here [Prason's Quora Answer on Sachin's 200].


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  1. Great Prason. Congrats for the achievement. Especially when it comes for writing about our thala Sachin... :) I once remember, I wrote a comment on an quora answer strongly opposing the answer which critiqued Sachin, that got almost the number of upvotes as the answer itself. I felt a similar bodhai :)


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