Friday, April 07, 2017

871. Adios from my present workplace

As I clicked the E-resignation button, I was left with mixed thoughts. Flashes and scenes from the last two years of my life at this workplace appeared in front of my eyes. The wonderful boss Smitha who made a huge difference in my life; the vibrant marketing team, my friend Siva who has been an angel in disguise about whom I have no words to express my gratitude - all of those memories flooded my thoughts.

You can't call any place your home. We are all hitchhikers moving on in a journey 

This workplace helped me realize that I can shuffle between two masks effortlessly. The calm-lost-in-thoughts mask and the crazy monkey mask. Sadly the latter mask was used only in a small circle. When the former mask started taking control of my personality, I decided that it was time to move on.

Note to readers: You did not understand the previous paragraph right? Good for me

The lessons have been many. In fact, my present stint has been a life-changer for me and that is why it is hard for me to move away from this place. But life goes on and we all have to keep moving.

Here is a picture of me about to make the job switch.

Where am I moving on? I am going to be driving in the same road; but in a different gear.

A picture from the present workplace, that always makes me laugh is added below. Believe me! I am not sleeping.


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  1. Good luck Chris...
    You will find ur place n purpose soon enuff.
    Happy belated birthday


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