Tuesday, April 04, 2017

870. Our new Garden

We had a lovely garden in our house in my native place. Croton plants, Anthuriums, rose pots and lilies adorned our garden. My mom gave me a corner in our garden to have my own set of plants. I had a cactus space of my own in the house.

When I moved out my hometown and settled in Chennai, I was caught in the busy corporate lifestyle. My life centered around television, smartphones and laptops and soon everything became mechanical, monotonous and automated.

This is when my wife suggested that we have our own garden in our house. We went to the nursery and started collecting a few flower pots. My daughter Anya wanted cactus plants for herself. I have told her that I will buy them in another two years' time when she becomes a little big.

The joy of digging the mud, planting the plants in the soil and watering them took me back to my childhood and made me realize what I have been missing in life in this fast paced world. My daughter has started to water the plants every day. She has taken her first step into the world of botany.

Watch my daughter, watering plants in our garden

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I hope that she will continue to stay closer with nature and start contributing to a green world.

Note: The picture is not our Garden. But someday the garden would be like that.


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