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867. Three life lessons from Kaipulla

Vadivelu (Kaipulla) in the film Winner gives us a life lesson. Kaipulla is the working President of "CarefreeYouth Association". His main enemy in the film is Mr. Kattadurai who also happens to be a bodybuilder.

Kaipulla is always surrounded by his trusted aides. 
  1. Mr Blue shirt maama is the driver of his chariot. 
  2. Mr. Aruva is the Lieutenant General of his army and 
  3. Mr. Orange Banian is his right hand. 
Once during an altercation with Mr. Kattadurai, Kaipulla decides to teach him a lesson. So he goes to Kattadurai's fort and bravely enters into an argument which is still now etched in Tamil film history as the greatest Don- conversations ever. This epic scene is the greatest ever don conversation scene in movie history followed closely by the Godfather opening scene. What makes this scene better than God father are the three life principles that Don Kaipulla showcases in this scene.

Life Principle 1: Always draw the line

This one principle is not even covered in the 13 chapters of "The Art of  War" by Sun Tzu. The simple lesson is that when Kaipulla begins his conversation with Kattadurai, he clearly defines the rules of the war. Mr Aruva uses his veecharuva to draw a twisted line (part of the plan) on the ground. Once the line is drawn, Kaipulla makes his epic speech

Indha line-a thaandi naanum vara maatein; Neeyum Vara koodaadhu. Pechu Pechaa dhaan irukannum.

In English, it translates to "Do not cross this line". This shows that Kaipulla is a follower of Ahimsa and is a true  Gandhian by heart. It also teaches us to always draw a line in relationships and in our conversations. When we cross our limit and boundaries with people, we tend to hurt them and get hurt. To avoid all these, we should always draw the line. No one has ever conveyed this message so beautifully in any art form in human history.

Life Principle 2: Never take revenge

When Kattadurai ignores the first statement made by Kaipulla and when he crosses the line to attack him, Kaipulla just receives all beatings without attacking back. He shows the same calmness that  Manick Basha showed when Anandraj tied him to a post and beat him with a uruttukattai to derive thakkali chutney from his mouth. Kattadurai plays foul game by attacking Kaipulla from behind with coconuts. He surrounds Kaipulla with his goons and punches him with boxing gloves and with uruttukattais (The same uruttu kattai used by Anandraj in Basha) and still Kaipulla just forgives them and never hits them back.

Kaipulla receives all his beatings because he has a noble principle not to beat anyone or attack anyone because revenge is not a part of his dictionary. Even though when his trusted aides tell him that they will take revenge by attacking Kattadurai by bringing goons from near by villages in Lorries, Kaipulla stops them. This principle teaches us not to store anger; because when we store anger, we are just storing poison which actually harms us and kills us slowly.

Life Principle 3: Always have the Trust of your well-wishers

Even though Kaipulla is beaten to pulp, he is always held with high regards by the people in his village and by his well-wishers. They always trust him and treat him with respect.

The testimony from his fellow villagers, and the support showed by his trusted aides tell us that we should be a people's champion just like Rock. It is tough to win the trust of everyone around us. But Kaipulla won that with his principles. If we also follow the principles he adopted in his life, oorey onnu koodi nammala paarthu sirikkum. But who cares? Let us at-least be the reason for someone to smile.

Let us take a decision today to follow Kaipulla's three principles in our life too. Just keep your hand on the laptop/desktop/mobile screen and take a oath now. Let us make this world a better place to live in.

Jai Ho



  1. Loved it!! Sema. Write a book on Vadivelu and the management principles he taught us. Would be a best seller - Ashok

  2. Mudiala...bala bhai

  3. What a wonderful positive thinging. Nice.

  4. யாருடா இவர் எனக்கே இவர பாக்கனும் போல இருக்கே.

  5. யாருயா இவர் எனக்கே இவர பாக்கனும் போல இருக்கே

  6. Wow, Nice article dude.


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