Monday, March 27, 2017

868. Hrishikesh Kanitkar - The superstar of Indian cricket in 1998

Flanked by the best batsman and the best fielder in Indian cricket
It seems as though it just happened yesterday. But time has just flown by. 19 years ago ( Jan 1998), India was up against Pakistan in the finals of the Independence cup at Dhaka. Pakistan batted first and scored a mammoth total of 314 runs aided by centuries from Saeed Anwar and Ijaz Ahmed. Chasing huge scores like 300 were almost next to impossible during those days.

In reply, Sachin and Ganguly gave a brilliant start scoring 41 and 124 respectively. Robin Singh scored 82 and India were cruising at 250/1; Robin Singh got out in the 38th over and wickets started tumbling and soon the score became 306/7 in the 47th over. Requiring 9 runs from 6 balls, Srinath the senior batsman had a newcomer Kanitkar as his partner.
Srinath was known for his big swing and massive hits to the fence and he was more often sent up the order as a pinch hitter. So if he had faced the bowler, India had a huge chance to win. But with just 2 balls remaining, India needed 3 runs to win. Kanitkar was on strike and we almost lost hopes. The best spinner in the world at that time (Saqlain) was bowling. It was a perfect David vs Goliath moment. The unthinkable happened. Kanitkar blasted the ball to the fence. A new star was born.
Watch the last ball four here.

- Chronicwriter

Friday, March 17, 2017

867. Three life lessons from Kaipulla

Vadivelu (Kaipulla) in the film Winner gives us a life lesson. Kaipulla is the working President of "CarefreeYouth Association". His main enemy in the film is Mr. Kattadurai who also happens to be a bodybuilder.

Kaipulla is always surrounded by his trusted aides. 
  1. Mr Blue shirt maama is the driver of his chariot. 
  2. Mr. Aruva is the Lieutenant General of his army and 
  3. Mr. Orange Banian is his right hand. 
Once during an altercation with Mr. Kattadurai, Kaipulla decides to teach him a lesson. So he goes to Kattadurai's fort and bravely enters into an argument which is still now etched in Tamil film history as the greatest Don- conversations ever. This epic scene is the greatest ever don conversation scene in movie history followed closely by the Godfather opening scene. What makes this scene better than God father are the three life principles that Don Kaipulla showcases in this scene.

Life Principle 1: Always draw the line

This one principle is not even covered in the 13 chapters of "The Art of  War" by Sun Tzu. The simple lesson is that when Kaipulla begins his conversation with Kattadurai, he clearly defines the rules of the war. Mr Aruva uses his veecharuva to draw a twisted line (part of the plan) on the ground. Once the line is drawn, Kaipulla makes his epic speech

Indha line-a thaandi naanum vara maatein; Neeyum Vara koodaadhu. Pechu Pechaa dhaan irukannum.

In English, it translates to "Do not cross this line". This shows that Kaipulla is a follower of Ahimsa and is a true  Gandhian by heart. It also teaches us to always draw a line in relationships and in our conversations. When we cross our limit and boundaries with people, we tend to hurt them and get hurt. To avoid all these, we should always draw the line. No one has ever conveyed this message so beautifully in any art form in human history.

Life Principle 2: Never take revenge

When Kattadurai ignores the first statement made by Kaipulla and when he crosses the line to attack him, Kaipulla just receives all beatings without attacking back. He shows the same calmness that  Manick Basha showed when Anandraj tied him to a post and beat him with a uruttukattai to derive thakkali chutney from his mouth. Kattadurai plays foul game by attacking Kaipulla from behind with coconuts. He surrounds Kaipulla with his goons and punches him with boxing gloves and with uruttukattais (The same uruttu kattai used by Anandraj in Basha) and still Kaipulla just forgives them and never hits them back.

Kaipulla receives all his beatings because he has a noble principle not to beat anyone or attack anyone because revenge is not a part of his dictionary. Even though when his trusted aides tell him that they will take revenge by attacking Kattadurai by bringing goons from near by villages in Lorries, Kaipulla stops them. This principle teaches us not to store anger; because when we store anger, we are just storing poison which actually harms us and kills us slowly.

Life Principle 3: Always have the Trust of your well-wishers

Even though Kaipulla is beaten to pulp, he is always held with high regards by the people in his village and by his well-wishers. They always trust him and treat him with respect.

The testimony from his fellow villagers, and the support showed by his trusted aides tell us that we should be a people's champion just like Rock. It is tough to win the trust of everyone around us. But Kaipulla won that with his principles. If we also follow the principles he adopted in his life, oorey onnu koodi nammala paarthu sirikkum. But who cares? Let us at-least be the reason for someone to smile.

Let us take a decision today to follow Kaipulla's three principles in our life too. Just keep your hand on the laptop/desktop/mobile screen and take a oath now. Let us make this world a better place to live in.

Jai Ho


Wednesday, March 15, 2017

866. A very important reason why you should save trees

You would have heard people saying that Trees give us oxygen and rain. I totally get that and agree with them. But there is one more important reason why you should save trees. Check this 30 second video to know the reason. The video may change your outlook towards life. 

Let us plant trees and make this world a better place to live in.


Thursday, March 09, 2017

865. Guangzhou diaries

It happened 10 years ago. But the incident is still fresh in my mind. I was working as a Business Analyst at IBS Software services. I used to travel to South Asian countries because my work demanded me to travel for requirement gathering and product demos. As our clients were "airlines" around the globe, I had one of the best globe trotting experience during my IBS days.

I spent the summer of 2007 in Guangzhou, China. This place is quite close to HongKong. After a hectic week of client meetings where my boss Gunjan, our sales director Joben and I slogged to demonstrate our product to our client, we finally had some breathing time one night before returning to India. As we did not have time to even shop much in China, we decided to cut loose and paint the city in all colors before taking the flight back to India early next morning.

So around 8 PM that night, we took a local cab and asked the cabbie to take us to a place where they play good music. He did not understand a word. Back then, English was not enough to survive in China. We tried to explain to him in sign language too; but he did not seem to get it. Finally Joben said "Is there a Karaoke place around?" The cab driver understood the word "karaoke" and took us to a club. Once we arrived there, we walked in with some Chinese-trance music inviting us. It is a genre that I have not heard after that in my life. That music made me dizzy and we decided to leave the place.

After roaming around the city, we finally came back to our hotel at midnight. As we had only few hours to catch our flight early in the morning, we decided to go to the Marriott lounge bar and to our pleasant surprise a Filipino band was playing English songs there. There were not many people in the lounge at that time. Seeing us, the Filipino girls  got excited because they finally had three people who were able to understand what they were singing.

One of those girls initiated a conversation with us and when she found that we loved western music, she invited me to join them on stage. I ended up singing a Cliff Richard song (Bachelor Boy) and an Elvis Presley song (Judy). I came back to our table and suddenly they announced " To the three gentlemen from India, we would like to dedicate an Indian song" and dedicated "Made in India" by Alisha Chinai for us. 

How often does an incident like this take place? As in, a Filipino band singing a Hindi song for Indians in China? Of the many things that took place in my Guangzhou visit, this incident is still etched in my memory.

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Wednesday, March 08, 2017

864.Happy women's day to all the fake IDs in Facebook

Fake IDs! They make this world a better place to live in. If Facebook had been a country, it would have been the largest country in the world in population. Fake IDs have contributed a lot to this glorious growth. 

There are different kinds of fake IDs and each one of them exist on FB for a reason. I am going to dedicate this post to one particular group of fake IDs; the group that is responsible for spreading love, laughter, lust and glamour. Yes! I am talking about guys disguising themselves as women on FB. I want to greet all these fake IDs with women's day wishes.

If you ask me why I should wish them, I would say "Why Not?". The reasons are many. Here are a few reasons why these guys deserve all the praise on this special day.

Fake ID 1: The girl who does not know how to hide his (her) kondai

This guy does not use his brains while creating a fake ID. He uploads a woman's photo but forgets to change the gender to female in the most important column.More over he uploads a picture of an aunty with jasmine flowers; but has a FB name "Sweety Doll" or "Priya Jillani". The common names Priya Sweety and Angel Priya are popular in this list. There would not be any connection to the name and the photo. Any guy will find out that it is a fake ID. But the good thing about such fake IDs is that they chat with anyone at any point of time. 24/7 chat support is guaranteed from them. They always initiate the conversation and some guys even fall for such fake IDs.

Time till they are caught: Less than 24 hours

Fake ID2: That aniyaayathukku vetka padum Fake ID

The guy behind this fake ID comes with the notion that women are supposed to feel shy all the time. They will show their shyness when you initiate a conversation with them. They will never initiate a conversation with anyone. If you ask them personal questions like "Which college are you in?", they will suddenly get angry and log out. They are capable of fooling guys for a minimum of one month.

Time till they are caught: 24 hours to 1 month

Fake ID 3: The feminists (Read misandry) 

In fact these guys should have been born as men bashers. They attack men for everything. Guys can't carry a normal conversation with these fake IDs. These fake IDs use pretty girls' images and hence inbound chat flow is always high. If Anushka Sharma cries, they will attack Kohli and these fake IDs write long blogs and facebook posts and have 1000s of followers. They seldom entertain private chats with men. They always chat with women as like-minded women feel safe and secure with them. Once they win the trust of the women, these fake IDs introduce their real ID (Men ID) to these women and give good conduct certificates to these men.

Time till they are caught : 1 month to 3 months

Fake ID 4: The glamour queens

90% of fake IDs belong to this category. They exist to spread lust, love and glamour. Pasanga will be crazy about these girls. These fake IDs keep all the rapists and rogues occupied by putting kadalai with them. If only all these fake IDs shut down, the number of crime against women will increase. I know that is a bad thing to say; but that is the reality.

Time till they are caught: More than a year

If you ask me how I know all this stuff, just look at the picture below, meditate on that and just say "I am a victim too bro"


I encourage women to publicly post all the messages they get in their "Other message box" on Facebook. I want to wish all these fake IDs a happy women's day. May your tribe increase and may you all make this world a great place to live in. Jai Ho.

I would have added a few more fake ID lists in this post; but while typing this post, I got reminded of chinnamma Sasikala. As I type this, I have tears in my eyes. Our beloved chinnama should be having a tough time behind bars. I wish her "Happy women's day" too.