Monday, February 27, 2017

863. Priyanka Chopra sets fire at the Oscars

Priyanka Chopra set fire to the Oscar red carpet with a dress that has caught everyone's attention. With matching bangles and ear rings, she had gone into the minute details of carrying herself well at this year's Oscars.

I was scared that her dress would fall anytime. But I am glad that my fears never came true much to the disappointment of millions of fans around the globe. A mason who was working on bathroom construction made a remark that Priyanka Chopra had made a costume out of bathroom tiles.

How ever, what ever said and done, the whole idea behind her dress is an inspiration from Santhanam's costume from the movie "Siva Manasula Sakthi" (SMS). You might argue with me saying that Santhanam's hands are inside and Priyanka's hands are outside. Yes! That's true, that is a result of women liberation. Priyanka Chopra is a woman and she has every right to keep her hands outside. Do you have a problem with that? [I just scored some extreme browny points from 21st century feminists]

I would have been glad if Priyanka Chopra had given due credit to the makers of SMS. But in an era where copy paste is done shamelessly, we can't expect ethical standards from such artists.

Meanwhile Charlie Theron copied actor Jiiva's costume from the same movie (Compare both pictures). She also did not give credit to the actor.

- Chronicwriter


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