Wednesday, February 15, 2017

859. One common thing between my mom and Sasikala

When I was in class 10, my mom made it a rule in our house that I should get up at 5 am to study. I would often not follow this rule and I would be in deep sleep, tucked neatly under the bed sheet.

My mom would switch on the light. 
I would not wake up.
Then she would switch on the fan ( I don't sleep under the fan. So she does that to suffocate me)
I would still not wake up.

She would sprinkle water on my face. I would wipe my face with the bed sheet and still
I would not wake up.
Then she would beat me three times
I would finally scream and get out of bed.

Sasikala took me back to my childhood days by thumping three times at Jaya's burial site. Thank you Chinnamma! for taking me back down memory lane.


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