Wednesday, February 15, 2017

858. Will you forgive this girl?

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How many times have we fallen victims for click bait images in the online world? Media channels like Times of India uses images of glamorous women to lure their audience to click a link. In deed sex and sensuality sells big time in the online world. 

I don't know how many of you came here to read this post by clicking the girl's image displayed as a thumbnail in your social media feeds. We all are no different from fish that get caught trying to eat bait worms. The world around us try to control our thoughts and influence our actions. Marketers and advertisers master this trait. The title of this post is a classic example

This image of a girl sitting in a man's lap came in my FB news-feed. It was a sponsored post. Looking at this image, I was clueless for sometime on what those guys were planning to sell.

Were they trying to say that if you buy a girl, you get a second girl at 20% off? 


Were they trying to sell some apparel or technology product or a watch?

I did not have a clue. I even clicked that page trying to find out the list of items that were listed for sale. I was literally stunned to see products that were totally unrelated to the image being displayed in the product catalog. 

All of us get misled by an image. For example the "Flat 50%" off signboard acts like a magnet and it attracts people to shop floors. And if you have been drawn to such a shop and if you had bought a handbag for Rs 3000, do not think that you have saved Rs 3000 ( 50% off). The reality is that you have spent Rs 3000 for a handbag which you might not have needed in the first place because you already have another handbag.

Are you a person who gets misled by pictures?

If the answer is Yes, stall! and think again about the various levels where you get lured. You can take corrective action right now.


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