Tuesday, February 14, 2017

857. The Two Valentine's day gifts

Two great valentine's day gifts were presented to  Tamils and Indians respectively today. Both these gifts were given by the honorable Supreme Court.

The first gift was packing and sending the self proclaimed Lioness to Jail. The whole of TamilNadu rejoiced along with the rest of Indians when this verdict came out.

The second verdict gave me relief. Now I don't have to stand in attention with fear anymore. I can stand in attention with pride. But I believe that there would be some people who would call the SC a traitor and want SC to be sent to Pakistan

Coming back to Sasikala, I could only remember the Vadivelu comedy where he says "Sinam Konda singatha cell-la adacheengana, adhu cell-laiya sedhachudum! Paraalaiyaa" which means "If you arrest a lion like me, I would break the cell". I could only see Sasikala in Vadivelu's body. This guy Vadivelu can fit into any situation these days.

Note: Please take a closer look at the above picture. Vadivelu in deed looks like Sasikala and the Police man next to him looks like Natarajan


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