Tuesday, February 07, 2017

855. Even a Chief Minister can be threatened by mafia gang

O Panneer Selvam's shocking revelation today revealed many things, that came as a bolt out of the blue to all Tamilans. The reality in Tamil Nadu is summed up in the following points

1) Even a CM like him can be threatened. If a CM does not have safety, then think about the people in the state. It is unfathomable to come to terms with this thought. The Police arrogance on the last day of Marina protest seems to be orchestrated by the Mannaarkudi family.

It was in deed a shocker for all of us to hear OPS speak
2) OPS has finally opened his mouth and has clearly stated that he will fight with Sasikala alone. He seemed genuine in his speech. When you drop your papers in your firm, you get a new found energy to open up and speak in the exit interview. OPS was in such a form today. In my opinion, this is one of the most genuine interviews ever in recent times. Given an opportunity this man can actually be a good leader.

Please do not mock him ever again.
3) OPS in a span of 40 minutes has become a hero from zero. I remember people calling him as an UPS and mocking him as a dummy piece. I have even made fun of him labeling him as a mixture man. But out of no where, he has earned a new found respect from me and all Tamils irrespective of their party allegiance. This shows that people yearn for genuineness.

4) Tamil Nadu is one state that does not have a Governor now; and no CM too. The state is orphaned. This is yet another sad reality. But Chennai has seen it all. Be it the floods or Amma's death or Vardha or the Marina protest, we have seen it all. We will come out stronger.

5) Vaiko showed his support to Sasikala. That was officially the beginning of the end for her. What ever Vaiko touches is becoming shit these days. He is the official comedy piece in Tamil political scene.

 Govalu! Govalunu!! oru maanashthan oru kaalathula irundhaanaam!!!

Tamil Nadu politics has become like a Mysskin film. No one is clear on what is happening; but sure it is indeed thrilling to be a part of this film with a violin being played in the background.

- Chronicwriter


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